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What you love most about your partner

>> 3/31/2008

Gracie tagged me here. thanks... makes me think of good qualities of my hubby? meron ba?!! meron naman! Nyahaha... For sure he'll add more kapag nabasa niya to!

=>He's a great Cook! No doubt he really wants to be a great Chef!
=>Do easily give in our fights!
=>Faithful ( I think so naman as of the moment!) Nyahahaha.
=>thinks of the family's welfare first, and cuts down on being with his drinking classmates! ( this I'm so very thankful to him! he's a diabetic that's why I'm so worried about his health)
=>Funny when he dances! di bagay sumayaw pero bigay na bigay! Nyahaha
=>A very loving Daddy to Gabby & Nicco!
=>Masarap kasama sa Shopping! Kasi kapag mahal, he'll insist on buying it kahit ayaw ko (Kunyari!) LOL!
=>Sometimes, he's cuddly baby.
=> he'll massage my back after a very tiring day! :)

I'm Snagging everyone in my list! Sure each has a good share in this Tag. Mommies, wifeys! Snag this please..


Vanniedosa April 2, 2008 at 11:15 AM  

hi dez! me too hubby ko shopping partner ko din!!!
ahahaha ^_^

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