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A Hell day for me!

>> 4/09/2008

I guess this is my worst day! i really feel so low right now. I've been crying since I left the B.I.R. and the people in jeepney were strangely looking at me. I don't care of what they think. I couldn't find anyone to blame but me! the foolish me! I guess it was really my fault. I should have counted again the money before I left the office. tsk.tsk.tsk. poor me. I was asked by my boss to pay their annual ITR at the BIR. i was given a cash so i won't be having a hard time when i go there, no complications unlike when you pay in check. My Boss counted the money in front of me , so i assume that it's all ok! not until when i was in front of the teller telling me that I'm short of Two hundred thirty one pesos and six cents! P231.06, I told him to count it again since I'm confident that i have given him the right amount. but he gave me back all the money with the receipt and asked me to count it again. Holy God! it really lacked P 231.06! My hands were shaking as i count the money, and started perspiring profusely because I don't have extra money with me at that time. Tears began to fell in my eyes, I told him (Teller) in a shaky voice, "baka naman nahulog lang diyan, pakicheck oh?!" he then smiled at me and said kulang talaga eh! I immediately texted my boss and told him about it! I was so nervous of what he would think since he counted the money in front of me. he called up and told me to pay those within enough the money i had and pay the other one tomorrow. Thank Goodness! but i was thinking of what impression did they have for me now? GOD knows and I swear na di ko alam kung paano nagkulang ng two hundred plus! I wouldn't ruin my name and reputation to the value of two hundred pesos. until now, I really felt like crying when I think about what happened... lesson learned... always count the money before you give it to the teller! I even skipped lunch and have to wait 4 hours before I got to pay those taxes... haaay... : (

3 comments: April 12, 2008 at 1:08 PM  

naku ano kaya nangyari dun noh? wag mo na isipin for sure hindi ganon inisip ng boss mo, cheer up na! don't be sad na, gawin mo na lang itong tag:

things got busy huhuhu, sorry for the late reply.

Vannie April 16, 2008 at 3:01 PM  

naku ako din, i hate handling funds kase i don;t want pag may nawala ako ma-blame!!

don't worry bout it i'm sure ur boss understands.

by the way,pls add my 3rd blog(kulit noh?)

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