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Perfect Gift for the Little Ones

>> 7/07/2009

I am looking for some personalized baby gifts over the net as a friend of mine will be having a baby shower later this month. DH told me that it's too early, but I don't want to cram again just like what happened before wherein I did buy a cute little dress for my office mates' little boy. I really felt like being a melting candle when I saw her opening the gift in front of many people. And so I vowed never to cram in buying gifts again. There are just too many cute little stuffs over at the and I am getting too confused on which to choose. lol! only if I have plenty of moohla, I would definitely buy them all. I find this socks very cute and wanted this as it is definitely a safe gift just in case the baby turns out to be either boy or girl. lol!

The Perfect Little Dozen Socks

priced at only $19.99/set.


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