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Computer Upgrade

>> 1/06/2010

Now that the holiday is over, most of us are now back to regular schedules. If I could only wish that everyday is a holiday so I could have all the time to laze around. lol! Gifts are unwrapped, and kids got their wishes granted, mostly are their favorite toys. As for me, I still haven't got the top item on my wish list: an HP Pavillion laptop . But I am still persistent and hoping that I will be able to get one this year! ;) Not that I am complaining about our ever reliable desktop computer at home, it's actually in great condition, bought it just last year and the specs are quite enough for my needs. Haven't encountered any problems yet and I hope it will stay that way.

As a Christmas gift for myself since I am in front of the PC almost the whole day (at work and home) we bought a Logitech EX100 wireless keyboard and mouse. I could say that it's a great buy since my desk is now very organized and clutter free, no strangling cords. Neat and perfect for the OC me. ahaha! Anyway, upgrade will probably takes place by later this year.


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