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>> 1/17/2008

Have nothing much to do now. hmmm.. it's always like this! i should be happy right? but then, when you dont have much work to do especially for eight hours... you'll gonna feel so stupid i tell you! i felt like i'm useless here! But have to feel blessed 'coz im still earning sufficient even when there's no much work! unlike some other people i heard complaining about their work, that they are overwork but underpaid! me, Im overpaid but underwork!!isn't great?? LOL. Well, overpaid doesn't mean am earning too much huh?! it's just that i feel i need to be busy working.. (sounds like i'm such a model employee noh?! :)) that's why i tried to blog na din to keep myself busy. Maybe you're wondering where my bosses'are right?! well, let me tell you my routine here in our office. the moment i open up my computer. i do surf the net.. till around 11:00 am that's if there's no orders from our customers, answer phonecalls in between, receive orders from our suppliers if we have, then usually the boss came around before lunch, if lucky they arrive at nearly 2:00 p.m! then do some paperworks,then goes out to do some banking transactions, surf again the net in betweens to kill time when we have no work to do!! leave office at 5:00 p.m!! there goes my office routine.. what can you say?! Sometimes, i feel like giving up this work ( coz i think and feel that i have much to offer, prove that im im not just here to sit but show up my skills! Maybe i want a more challenging work! yabang ko naman yata!)LOL, but when i think of applying again and and remember my experiences of being unemployed, i think i ought to feel blessed that i have this job. right?!


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