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15 Days To Go!

>> 12/09/2009

and it's Christmas!!

DH's bro-in-law have put already in our sala the CHRISTMAS VILLAGE, and the BELEN on our mini garden before the main door entrance. Oh well, I'm just not so in the holiday mood these past few days, it's maybe because we haven't receive our 13th mo. yet! ahaha. and the lists of my "To-Buy" is getting longer as days passed by... Hope the boss will give it altogether with our salary this coming Friday, or we have no choice but to wait till Friday next week. Even the plans of changing tiles for our kitchen was put off, we will just wait for extra available funds to process the renovation. As with the little girl, she was assigned to lead the opening prayer for their Christmas program and was given a paragraph of prayer to memorize. As of now, she was able to memorize two sentences already, hopefully she can deliver it easily on the 18th.

And as for her costume for the program, she will be needing:

  • Red Blouse
  • Skinny maong jeans
  • Santa hat
  • Rubber shoes
very easy to find right?! and most important, very affordable! ahaha. At first, I thought she will be portraying a role of an angel that's why. hehe... Still got no idea what to give the kids, since their wish (A laptop toy for Gabby and Robot for Nicco) were already granted by my SIL and now in transit. Kids don't know it yet... till the eve of the Christmas.


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