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H1N1 Virus Scare in the House

>> 6/18/2009

First it was the little girl who got fever last Monday, but she turns out well the next day. Thank God. Now it was the little boy who is sick, he got fever since last Wednesday and also have cough and colds. His fever goes up and down until this morning, he was given an antibiotics and good thing that his fever did not came back till now. But he did vomited which I think came from too much coughing. I hope everything turns out well tomorrow. I myself even has colds and cough too, and just this morning I am experiencing sore throat and ended up having a harsh voice. Oh Goodness the H1N1 is giving me the nuts... with all the same symptoms that we are experiencing leaves me having the paranoia of being infected already. Hope turns out well... soon...


Redge June 18, 2009 at 10:42 PM  

Hi Dez.. Hope everything's okay with u and ur family.. It's really important to stay healthy nowadays to avoid those viruses..

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