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>> 10/10/2009

is a busy yet productive day for me at the office. I was able to do all office works in a jiffy. Except for the filing of salary loan of my office mate in SSS. He went to the SSS in the morning to file his loan but electricity was cut due to the rotational brown out in the east part of NCR. And so I was aksed to file it for him since I am the representative in SSS transactions. Went first to UCPB bank to pay our SSS, Philhealth and BIR Tax contributions. Arrived there around 9:30 a.m, the number being served at that time is number 70 and I got my queue number which is number 311. imagine that! I stand for about 15 minutes and was able to sit when a guy offered his seat for me as his number is near to be called. Thank God! It's a good thing that a number of people have left that leaves us a fast pace of transactions. I left the SSS at 12:30 lunch time. But I'm glad that there was no problem with the filing because the last transaction I had with them made be go back at their office for four times. There are many people filing for loan due to typhoon Ondoy, hearing stories while waiting for my number to be called kept me entertained during the 3 hours of waiting game.


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