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>> 10/24/2008


After a couple of days cramming reviews for Gabby's 2nd quarter exams, I am now stress free! hee. With so many things on my hand and little time to accomplish things, I am now relaxed since the little girl will take a 10 days vacation from school. haah. This means waking time will be 6 a.m and I can have more "me" time in the morning! I'm so glad that Gabby is very cooperative as she answer all the reviewers that I made for her. I just hope that she'll make it up this time! Next week is Hubby's birthday, I'm still thinking of what gift to give him this time since I don't have enough budget yet for the bracelet that he likes. besides, we'll be having events and activities to attend to this Halloween and we will be very busy for sure!


SharQue October 24, 2008 at 2:44 PM  

Hi dez! it seems that both of our hubbies like a bracelet on their bday (my hubby's bday will be next month).. he likes gold bracelet in particular.. what i did is to make a piggy bank (in the office) for that purpose but it's not really a piggy.. i used an empty bottle of alcohol instead.. i just hope it will be enough for the bracelet..

in your case, you only have a couple of days left.. hmmm.. u can buy him a simple silver bracelet? if not buy anything that suits your budget.. i think he will appreciate anything nman.. then on your anniversary or his next bday prepare your savings for the bracelet.. have a nice weekends!

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