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Wireless Router

>> 10/16/2008

We were thinking of buying a laptop instead of a desktop computer since I am more comfortable using it. Needless to say that it is more mobile and always on the go! That is my main reason since I blog a lot :) And besides, hubby's niece is using a desktop already and we we're just thinking of having a shared internet connection with them all we need is a dependable wireless router so that I can move around the house comfortably as I hate strangling cables that are attached around the notebook which I think is accident prone right?!

We are using a Linksys router here at our office and so far, we've never encountered any problems with it. But I will still have to search other products and compare and see what fits our budget and is dependable too.

For the meantime, I might take along the laptop with me all the time since our office's location here at Gilmore is Wi-fi zone. And I can blog during my free time even at the nearby cafeteria. Wireless network here is not a problem because almost every store here is wi-fi zone and you can get the best deals on computer products.


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