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Proper Nutrition for Kids

>> 8/25/2009

My friend's daughter is having a problem with her weight, it's already been a year of finding the right formula milk for her but it doesn't fit her still. The mom cannot breast feed the baby since she was on a medical treatment and have been drinking medications that might affect the baby when she breastfeeds. I accompanied her to a pediatrician and she was prescribed to take pediasure which is a nutritional drink with a balance supplement for kids 1 to 10 years of age. I have been reading and hearing good reviews and results of this nutrition drink. I was surprise to find out that AllegroMedical also has this on their site. I would definitely recommend this to my friend to order this one online as it is on a discounted price plus you can get this free of shipping if you purchase $25 or more. She could save a lot instead of buying it here over the counter.


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