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Nice Rug Design

>> 8/31/2009

We're not yet done fixing things around the kitchen as we are still short with the budget. Hopefully it will be finish over the weekend. We have bought some of the necessary things need and I already did clean the kitchen sink and did brushed and mopped the floor. Everything's spic and span. All we need to buy is materials needed for the lining of water and new faucets and everything's set already. I did washed some of kitchen utensils and was really happy to see that we have almost the complete set except for the pans and some plates. I really wanted to buy a corelle set for that as I think its a good investment too as it is not easily broken during some falling accidents. There are still few things that we need to buy to beautify it like cute and funky decorations like wall frames that are food related I am also thinking of buying rugs, like the ones that I did see in the The Natural Rug Company.

I think this one will look good as it matches the one that we have at the receiving area, DH was hesitant at first as it needs proper maintenance and necessary cleaning every now and then, but the last say is on me here. LOL.


In My Life Movie- A Much Awaited!

The last time I watched a Tagalog movie on big screen was I think 5 years ago! Ahahaha. I am not really a fan eh. Though I get to watch those flicks by John Lloyd and Sarah G. over DVD, " A Very Special Love" and "You changed my Life" and I must say that star cinema movies are quite good in doing quality ones. Saw this on commercial and it really caught my attention... I heard that the highlight of the movie was the "kissing scene" of John Lloyd and Luis Manzano.


Another Way to Earn From Blog

One bonus that you get from blogging is you get to enjoy doing stuffs while earning on the side. I have been in the blogosphere for more than a year now and I can say that I have gain a lot from blog advertising, aside from the money that is, you get to gain more knowledge as you blog, doing and researching. You will stumble upon many things along the net and one precious thing you could cherish here is friendships that you could get from your so called "online friends.

How to make money with blog


As Promised

>> 8/30/2009

We bought the little girl this Hello Kitty Collectibles from Mc Donalds Happy Meal after we went to my brother's place to celebrate my mom's birthday.

Hello Kitty 1989

She stood there for a couple of minutes trying to figure out on which to choose from as there are different colors and designs. I was actually the one who chose this since many of the items are already out of stock. I want to buy her the color pink next time.

Thinking what to choose!


Uplifting That Bump

Women in general are more conscious on their physical appearance. Especially when they age, wherein drastic change in the appearance is very noticeable. Many resort to the wonders of beauty enhancements. There are just too many beauty schools and clinics popping from every now and then, so you must be extra careful on choosing where to entrust your beauty enhancement needs so you won't end up blaming yourself in the end. The most popular thing that women first take into consideration of enhancing is their breast as there are quite a number of reasons why, like they want it to look bigger, boosting their self confidence, mothers who wants their breast to get that lift again after years of breast feeding their kids, women who went removal of breasts due to cancer history and wanted to gain again through breast reconstruction. Breast Augmentation Pittsburgh offers services of such and on the other hand breast augmentation is a personal decision and the personal factors that are behind it must be your own, it is not just the typical procedure as it require careful and enough study to ensure successful operation.

When you decide and go under the Breast Implants Pittsburgh, you must be able to make a careful study and understanding of how the procedure goes, it effects and implications. You must take note that it does need the necessary care and maintenance once you go for it, as there is turning back once it has been done. You got to do a research on the doctor who will do the procedure to you, check if he's capable and has the necessary knowledge and expertise on the said area, check out of the place where the procedure will be done. It is always better to be safe than sorry when you go for Breast Implants Pittsburgh as we've been reading and hearing a lot of horror stories about some women who just did out of impulse.


friday Fillins # 139

>> 8/28/2009

1. He was a narrow minded person.

2. Reunions with friends and relatives is what I look forward to most this time of year.

3. My best friend is now living in the province, haven't seen her for 9 years.

4. You're so rude! to be honest with you.

5. Appearances can be deceiving.

6. The last person I gave a hug to was DH.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to staying up late to finish online tasks, tomorrow my plans include going to my parents place as it is my mom's birthday celebration and Sunday, I want to rest and relax!


Kitchen Stuffs

These are the kitchen stuffs that were on top of my lists that I saw in Ikea and are must haves for our newly renovated kitchen. The peelers are really eye candies and so funky right?! I really love to buy and look at kitchen stuffs though I don't really know how to cook. LOL! all I knew was to cook rice, fried eggs and hotdogs. ahaha! pathetic me. Good thing it was DH who has the passion for cooking, and I must say the he is really good, I am saying this not because he is my DH but other people who have tasted his dishes are all praises with his cooking styles, He got his talent from his late mom who is also a great cook. I am sure that he'll be in condition to cook with these new utensils as they are really indeed nice catch. Or we will be having a few good and sumptuous meals every now and then as I know that he will be inspired to cook more when we get to purchase the ovens that we have long been eyeing on and frequenting on the mall every time we go the the appliances section at the mall.


My Nanay's Birthday

and she's now 63! We were so blessed to have a Nanay who is very hardworking and who really have given the unselfish and unconditional love to us her children. Happy Birthday Nanay!

Nanay, Gabby and I


Sleepy Me!

>> 8/26/2009

I really had a tiring day, going out to do some errands for the office really consume a lot of my working hours. Imagine the heat of the sun while being outside or sometimes braving out the heavy rain, these are one of the reasons why I want to just quit my job and become SAHM. But it was far from our plans yet as my day job helps to make ends meet. Especially during this time where extra income is badly needed. I hope things will turn out well. Btw, I am now searching for some strollers around the net as I wanted to give this a gift to a close relative who really wanted to have one. It was quite a surprise to see how nice are the models being offered now, I remember buying my kids their stroller then were designs are just the typical ones and there's really nothing fancy on it. Now, it looks more sturdy and more fashionable, not to mention that it really has great features most especially the wheels, most of what they have now are three wheeled strollers, boosting its advantages than those 4 wheeled one. This is a must especially if you travel a lot with your kids.


WW-I Love Chocolate!


Whoa!! Look how big that mouth is! he really loves to eat chocolates, but of course I always tell him to eat in moderation or he would end up loosing all his teeth or worst is sleepless nights of crying bouts with a toothache and I its much harder to bear.


Proper Nutrition for Kids

>> 8/25/2009

My friend's daughter is having a problem with her weight, it's already been a year of finding the right formula milk for her but it doesn't fit her still. The mom cannot breast feed the baby since she was on a medical treatment and have been drinking medications that might affect the baby when she breastfeeds. I accompanied her to a pediatrician and she was prescribed to take pediasure which is a nutritional drink with a balance supplement for kids 1 to 10 years of age. I have been reading and hearing good reviews and results of this nutrition drink. I was surprise to find out that AllegroMedical also has this on their site. I would definitely recommend this to my friend to order this one online as it is on a discounted price plus you can get this free of shipping if you purchase $25 or more. She could save a lot instead of buying it here over the counter.


Counting the Blessings

... despite facing too many problems and challenges, I am keeping the faith that we'll get through it.

Our real blessings often appear to us in the shape of pains, losses and disappointments; but let us have patience and we soon shall see them in their proper figures. - Joseph Addison


Manic Monday # 179

My first time joining this meme and I'm doing it on Tuesday! LOL

What is the first thing you notice about people?

~Physical appearance next is manners!

What song always makes you happy when you hear it?

~ Nothing in particular but any songs that makes me wanna dance. :)

What fashion trend do you just not get?

~ Too many body pierce!


One Brave Move

>> 8/23/2009

There is really no permanent thing here on earth except change. Good or bad, its up to you how to take it. There are just things that go beyond our grasp. We have to weigh things out to arrive at a certain decision, a wise and fair one. Sometimes we tend to become emotional at times and its just fine as we're only human and decisions are affected depending on how we feel at the spur of the moment. With present economical condition we have now, many of people I knew that are close to me have decided that they will be trying their luck and will look for a job outside our country. We can't really blame them as we know how hard is the cost of living here. No matter how you work, it seems not enough still to cover up the expenses. A friend of mine is asking me where to find some reliable moving company that she could hire once she gets to fly off to the other part of the world. Only if we have the services of the Boston Moving Company here in our country, I guess there will be no glitches or whatsoever as they have been in the business that have already gain the trust of many people when it comes to moving services.


So Tired

yet happy as we went to our parents place before lunch today. It was out of our plan to go out as I have too many things to do still but I immediately said yes when DH asked if I want to go to my parents place. Its been quite sometime since we last visited them and just like what happened to us yesterday, their place also got flooded due to the heavy rain the other night. Good thing they were able to elevate important appliances such as the refrigerator and other electronic stuffs. They were too nervous as the flood rises up to knee level inside the house and it was up to waist level outside. The weather is really unpredictable, it would rain hard at night and then scorching hot in the afternoon.


Dressing for the Occasion

We all experience having a hard time finding the right clothes to wear on certain occasions somehow. Spending hours raiding closets and finding clothes for the certain event. You got to be dressed appropriately on events that require you to wear one, to avoid feeling out of place. You can research on different types of cocktail dress that you can choose from. If you want to play safe, you may opt to choose the all time "little black dress" as it never goes out of style. But if you kinda fashionable and loud, you may opt to choose dresses that would suit you taste and style. The type of cloth used is also one factor that you need to look at too. so you would be comfortable enough to wear it. Find out clearly the event that you are going to to avoid confusions on what type of dress to wear and avoid being overdressed on a certain occasion. Cocktail dresses are very well suited on occasions like JS prom, formal events like company and corporate events, weddings and anniversaries, semi formal like friends' and family parties. Choosing the right accessories along with your clothes would make your outfit a perfect fit on you.


Early Riser

... that I am today! Oh well, I wasn't able to finish all my online tasks last night, despite having been able to sleep 4 hours yesterday together with the kids in their afternoon nap. I got tired doing the laundry after eh. But I managed to finish the expiring ones so its just fine to ease around. I could even squeeze in sometime now to peep in to my farm and see if my crops are ready for harvests. hee. I just have to finish these offline tasks before lunch, ironing of our clothes and cleaning the room as I need to review Gabby for their exams tomorrow.


Rainy Evening Last Night

>> 8/22/2009

And we woke up to this scene early this morning. Oh well! I think despite having projects of our local government officials here, the improvement on drainage and sewerage system here still does not do any help, taxes are not spend wisely. What you will notice is their big posters being posted on a certain locations where those constructions takes place, as if it was their own money they have used in doing those projects. Such another waste of money!


A Family Affair

How it feel and looks so good having a happy family bonding moments. With the very busy schedule each has one, finding time to keep each others company helps and nurtures love and affection with the family members. One good activity that we can indulge in is to have a family vacation getaway to a place that is new and good enough to enjoy each others company. Laze around, play, eat, have some recreational activity to add up to another unforgettable memories worth captivating. Family bonding moments are always fun and memorable, and a good and nice play is an added bonus that makes it more colorful and worth remembering.


Weekend To Do's

It's a weekend and there are still many pending tasks on my list. I need to resist temptation in opening my facebook account to avoid checking if my crops are ready to harvest and tending at my farm. LOL! that could wait till I finish all the articles today. I still have tomorrow to give my full attention. heee

  • laundry bedsheets, good thing I was done with our clothes yesterday
  • ironing of clothes
  • review session with Gabby, next week is their first quarter examination.
  • finish online tasks today
It may seem so simple as written but it's physically and mentally draining I tell you. goodluck to me!


Friday Fillins # 138

>> 8/21/2009

1. I remember, I remember it's my moms' birthday on the 28th.

2. Dear Hanna my dear friend I want you to know that I miss you a lot.

3. Is that my newly bought sandals on the trash!!???

4. I'm trying to resist the temptation of eating too much lol.

5. I'm saving a gift just for you!

6. If I made a birthday list a great party would definitely be on it!!!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to hitting the sack early, tomorrow my plans include review session with my daughter for next week's exams and Sunday, I want to fiinsh all pending tasks!


Home Makeover 101

>> 8/20/2009

And so we're hitting a long weekend, it only happens rarely and so we need to take advantage and make the most out of it. As for me, I need to finish piling tasks both on my online and offline activities asap since the little boy is getting cranky now, clogged nose that is! I just hope it won't develop into asthma again. Tomorrow we'll be starting to do some changes with the house arrangements. There are just to many things that needs fixing around the house, repainting of ceilings and walls, new tiles for the bathroom, I just hope we could allot an additional budget for other home furnishings to attain the designs that we really wanted for our house. Now that there are just too many modern designs to choose from, mix and match to suit your taste and achieve that personalized theme you wanted for your home. But if budget are tight,you could opt to surf the net to find endless designs that will cater to your budget. Branded ones are too pricey but you could find other alternatives for that as your creativity will definitely work on this. Home makeover are one of the top things that I really enjoy most, designing your humble abode makes you feel a sense attachment to your house. A house filled not just with material things but also with love that makes it a home.


WW- Little Girl's Bags

>> 8/19/2009



A Flashback of Memories

>> 8/18/2009

I sound so sentimental these past few days and maybe its because I still have the hangover from our sort of reunion with my childhood friends last weekend. Who would not if it really feels so light and nostalgic as you bring back those happy memories of your childhood, makes you want to be child once again. It's been quite awhile since we last saw each other because of our busy schedule. Good thing that our plans push through despite the limited time we have as one of our friend needs to go back to Taiwan for her scholarship.

We really had a blast, catching up on each others lives. there are just too many updates that we need to share and the highlight of course is the great conversation as we reminisce our childhood memories, good thing our friend was able to keep some of her collectibles and memorabilia since our childhood days. She was able to preserve those Dolls that we used to play when we were young, my daughter wanted to take the doll but I told her that it has a sentimental value to her god mother so she could not take it. Good memories are indeed a keepsake to cherish forever.


Childhood Friends

Its such a delight to go back and reminisce your childhood memories, and what makes it more colorful is getting in touch with you childhood friends. After years of not being able to get in touch, though we all still remember each other by heart. Catching up on each others lives and looking back into your childhood memories makes you feel like a child once again. The youth in you will glow and blossom as you take the flashback and bring those memories again. To my childhood friends, Grace, Leo, Maying, Jeanette, Joseph, Mecal, Mitchelle, Lovella. Hope we could have a grand reunion once again in the near future, this time with our families as well. :)

PIcture Picture!


On Parenting Issues

>> 8/14/2009

There are just lots of issues about the manner on how to raise your kids, actually there are simply no rules and guidelines nor step by step procedure to follow. Each child has different needs and wants, one has to be treated different in one way or another. Many parents find it really difficult at times as we know how hard it is raising a child. It's a good thing that there are parenting forum that we could log-in and share with other parents the sentiments and other issues about parenting, and when problem arises parenting advice is always there to help you in your dilemma. It is such a delight to know that there were people we could talk to about your problems, family, sentiments and can even exchange views and opinions about your concerns. As they always say, parenting skills is somewhat a gift to all parents for us to be able to give and nourish our children the love and care they need for them to grow appropriately and e able to prepare them to become a better person when they grow up.


Friday Fillins #137

1. When will I ever get to win in lottery?! LOL.

2. The purpose Driven Life was the last good book I read or movie I saw or tv show I watched.

3. Everything has its beauty but has flaws as well.

4.Fried fish dipped in soy sauce with tomato is what I had for dinner.

5. I'd like your attitude towards life.

6. Home is where I want to be right now.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to early sleep, tomorrow my plans include reunion with my childhood friends and Sunday, I want to relax!


Slow Internet Connection

>> 8/13/2009

I thought it was just only us who are experiencing a crawl in the internet connection yesterday, we have the pldt dsl, though I have read some that some of my twitter buddies are having the same experience, later in the afternoon connection got worst that it would take 49 years to load a page. lol. I wasn't able to finish some of my pending tasks online because of that. Just when I got home and go online, our globelines DSL is having the same slow connection. Oh well, it's all because of the cut in the APCN2 (Asia-Pacific Cable Network 2) Cable which is a undersea submarine telecommunications cable linking several countries in the Asia-Pacific region. It means that its not just us who are experiencing it but our neigboring countries as well (Singapore, Taiwan, China) I remeber same thing happened back in 2006 when the same cable got affected by earthquake in Taiwa. Hope everything turns out well as it has reported that it will be normalized later this evening. Was just amazed to see how people reacted on this, it means that many people are so internet nowadays.



>> 8/12/2009

Naughty Cousins

err... excuse my son's finger over there as he meant nothing on it, really! lol.


Shifting Career

>> 8/11/2009

A friend of mine has been contemplating on shifting career, she has been working for quite sometime now in a work environment that she's not really fit to be in.Oh how I can relate with her, though on a different situation wherein I am really getting bored here at work. Back at my friends' story, she really wanted to enroll in one of the cosmotology schools that her parents in US found for her, all she has to do is work on the papers so she could fly in the soonest possible time, I must say that she must have really find the passion that she wants for so long. Ever since we were in college, she's really good at doing our make-ups whenever there are special occasion. She could really pass for a professional make up artist level. Everyone's all praise with her works. She do earn from it as well whenever there are occasions that requires her service. Now that she have really made up her mind to go full time, all we could do is support her in her decision for we know how happy she is and it's her really craft as well.


Part of the Family

>> 8/08/2009

mommy moments

My first time to join in here...

My kids with their cousins ate Lalen , Kuya Gio and Dwayne. They get ecstatic once they get to see their cousin Dwayne since they only get to him very rarely, its as if they haven't seen him for ages. This was taken last April while beating the summer heat at home. :)


Friday Fillins# 136

>> 8/07/2009

1. Swimming is my favorite summertime activity.

2. My favorite John Hughes movies is Home Alone.

3. Baby's skin is something I love to touch.

4. The full moon reminds me that there are ghost wandering. lol!

5. Do it right now.

6. When daylight fades it means that I must be home already.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to sleep early, tomorrow my plans include going to my parent's place and Sunday, I want to finish all pending tasks and relax after!


Sporting a New Camera

>> 8/05/2009

I love to take pictures even during my younger years, it has been my hidden passion since then. I even wanted to take photography class when I was in college, but financial limitation was one of the issues at that time. I am just so glad that nowadays, photography has taken its way too far from where it used to be. Tools used has also taken its way in capturing great shots, talk about technology advancement.

I really wanted to own a DSLR, but I just couldn't afford it at this time and not to soon I guess since we still have lots of expenses to take care of first, I just have to content myself with a digicam. Though I could say that it was worth it too and serves me well during important occasions and has been dependable to my photography and blogging needs. least to say that it more convenient to use as it does not need an extra big bag for storage. Very handy and mobile to use. We went to mall this afternoon and saw lots of new cameras that are now out in the market. I am sporting this one point and shoot that has features that of the same with DSLR, I just fell in love with at an instant. I am crossing fingers to have it.


Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...
1. No work today!
2. able to sleep long today..
3. Bonding time with family
4. new pair of sandals
5. A stroll in the mall
6. Paypal withdrawal. hee
7. online tasks
8. bed weather
9. empty laundry
10. yummy snacks

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