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On Technology and Dating

>> 1/30/2009

The wonders of technology had gone too far already as to social activities are concerned. I remember the different styles of dating and courtship from my parents era and to our generation, there is a big difference as everything is so instant nowadays. I even told my guy friend that he may end up single for the rest of his life if he won't act fast.

I suggested that he try online dating first as he told me that he is a very shy person and couldn't speak up whenever the girl is in front of her. He even said that he had been turned down by younger women so many times already. I told him to browse the sites where he could find and end up dating older women. who knows cougar might be the one he'll end up with.

As to some men, they really prefer cougars instead of younger women. They find them more mature and more pleasant to be with, and also young men prefer them too as they find them more interesting than women their age. Oh well, it depends upon what we really wanted right?! all I could do is suggest and help him out. I sound like playing cupid here eh?! LOL. Valentine's Day is fast approaching and I don't want him to be lonely and loveless again this time.


Where Have I been?

Just lurking around. LOL! just want to inform too that this blog had its blogversary last January 16. I almost forgot huh!. better late than never! Well, Cheers to the one year of existence in the blogosphere!!!

I am grateful for the new friends I met along the way, for the extra perks that it gave me, for the continous learning and enjoying my stay as I keep on enjoying "My life in this Wonderful World! "


Great Deals on Car

With our recent economic situation, we definitely need to exert extra efforts to make ends meet. I used to complain a lot before of my job and have been planning to resign but I have decided to stay and be patient for awhile. I just think that it's not the proper time yet to let go of this as we have witness mass lay-offs from those well known and has been regarded as stable companies worldwide. I just got to psyche myself that at least I still have a job and won't be having a hard time looking for one just like the others.

We decided to cut down on those unnecessary and unwanted expenses, we see to it that every amount that goes out is within our budget limit. So needs and wants are re-evaluated and must be given enough time to weigh things out, just like on the plan of purchasing a brand New Cars. l remember late last year, issues regarding petroleum prices have been one of the major problem too and so we are contemplating on just buying Used Autos instead and so its such a nice catch that will surely fit ones budget Autotropolis helps out those car seekers and is a great reference since you can learn a lot from this site, they give you tips and enlightens you out on certain decisions regarding purchase of cars. They also helps out narrowing choices depending upon your requirements. It's just so easy as everything is just a click away and the most important thing is, it saves not just money but also your precious time.

We all know how hard it is to look for a good catch on cars, sometimes we keep on changing decisions and gets confused most especially if New Autos are the ones we are trying to look for right?! we wanted to get the nice and best deals when it comes to brand new ones. They also offers a free quote. No sweat! A one stop shop of everything you wanted, from different brands to services offered, you are definitely on the right track with them.


WW- Overlooking!

>> 1/28/2009


Gabby's Field Trip 1/22/2009

>> 1/26/2009

Finally i was able to upload the photos taken last week on Gabby's field trip. Gee, I spend three hours uploading the photos on Artscow. I didn't resize the pictures so it would not appear grainy when I make another photobook.

WARNING: Photo overload

@ the school, assembly time @ 6 a.m

@ the bus, w/ classmate Karylle

First stop, Sta. Rosa Laguna. I was able to take photo of this even though the security guard kept on waving his hand signaling me to keep my cam off

@ Picnic grove, Tagaytay!

Nice view of the Taal lake

Tagaytay Mini Zoo
were not able to take pic of the orangutan. katakot ang itsura, ayaw lumapit ni gabby! LOL.

Ang tamad nitong camel na ito~ ayaw tumayo!

Over looking!

Last stop, Star City!

Gabby had a blast. Knock down pag-uwi namin! Traffic was heavy at Makati, imagine 2 hours kami na stuck along Makati Ave @ 8 p.m. oh my! but kids did really enjoy the educational field trip.


So Tired

>> 1/23/2009

... and my whole body is aching but being with the little girl during our whole day educational field trip yesterday is worthy enough. She had a blast and we both enjoyed every minute we had. It's such a great experience. will go into the details of the field trip experience once I am done with the uploading/ cropping of the photos. We weren't able to visit the "Museong pambata" as we were stuck in traffic along Makati at 3:00 pm yesterday. So the teacher and the tour guide informed us that we'll be heading to Star City instead and I never thought that there's still traffic in Makati area along Buendia to be exact at 8:00 p.m. We had a terrible 2 hours trip from Star city in Pasay to Plainview Mandaluyong. We finally reach home around 10:00 p.m already.



>> 1/21/2009

is the much awaited day of my little school girl! She's very excited because I will be the one to accompany her on their educational field trip. I am excited too as its been quite awhile since I went outof town, as I've said in my previous posts one of the places to visit is Tagaytay!

see yah around friday!!!




A long overdue post

>> 1/20/2009

...................but its always better late than never. LOL! blame it to the flashy virus. It has deleted all the shots we had last December including Gabby's Christmas party photos in which BTW is the main reason why hubby was so persistent in having a digicam.

(Gift from Ate Irma)

A spiderman shirt and shorts for the little boy, Nursery rhymes CD and Dora shirt and skirt for Gabby.

This cake is made by Ate Irene, Icings and design by Gia. ingredients c/o brownies since Ate Irene works for Desserts Plus Inc. This is the cake we had on our media Noche last new year's eve.

Rounded fruits for good luck!


Stress Free Move

>> 1/19/2009

Moving has been one of the most stressful situations that people most especially companies who transfers from one location to another. Just before Christmas season, one of our suppliers handed us a letter informing us that their warehouse/ office will be transferred at a distant location. My boss was kinda disappointed as the relocation place is quite far from us. It will be hard for us to collect from them.

I can relate to one of the employees as he's been complaining that most of his data in filing folders couldn't be found anymore. It's just to hard to handle such scene. Most especially if it entails an important documents that your boss is looking for right?! I have suggested that they must seek services with the likes of the boston moving company who are expert in making moving successful and as stress-free as possible. Their services are guaranteed as an a plus. For they have this state of the art facilities that gives customer the convenience and ease of making the move. Most especially for companies who have this valuable machinery that needs extra precautions to remain it intact and in safety condition. Their people are well trained are definitely qualified to make moving a smooth one.


Monday Update

How time flies so fast as we are already on the 4th week of January! Last Saturday, we went to the medical supplies store (Medical Center Trading Corporation) located at Pioneer to buy Nicco's nebulizer. As I have mentioned HERE the little boy badly needs one, most especially this cold season wherein he's prone to catching coughs and colds which in turn most of the time leads to asthma attacks.

This cost P2,250.oo. product comes with bag and manual, 5 pcs. spare filter.

This is the cheapest among other brands that they offer. But I think this is enough since other brands that are pricey are offered as supplies for hospital used. This will gonna be for personal and will be used on emergency situations since we don't want Nicco to be dependent on this one.


An Eye Catching Info

>> 1/18/2009

I bet that many of you have experience the same difficulties I had with my visions. Whenever I do look at light, there are these string/ streaks that makes me feel so uncomfortable. Sometimes, blurriness or a cloudy form appears as I look at a distant. It occurs for a couple of time to me in a day which is is so irritating as it really affects how I deal with the things I make. I couldn't focus on what I'm doing whenever I experience these things.

Now that I am working and have to deal with long hours of stay in front of the computer, I am having much difficulty. Not until I have discovered the roots of my problems and the implications that this symptoms I have experience. My recent visit to the doctor and had my vision tests made me realize the causes of it. The Optometrist informed me that those are Eye Floaters that bugs me he said that I really don't have to worry as it doesn't seem to be a major problem.

But I don't think that I have to pass on this situation as it affects my activities. I research and have stumble upon this site about Eye Floaters. It has clearly stated how does an Eye Floaters affects those who are suffering, from the symptoms to the problem it causes and would you believe that they have this answer and guarantees that they have "The Secret Cure to Eye floaters" and claims that you'll get rid of those in just 7 days and will be free from these hassle for life. This is quite an amazing solution most especially it entails your health, you could also see some testimonials that makes it more interesting about for others find this as an effective cure to the very disturbing eye floaters.


Recent Updates

>> 1/15/2009

It's been freakin' cold since first week of January. As a result, Gabby catches colds and cough while Nicco had his asthma attacks. Just two nights ago, we were so worried of him as we weren't able to borrow my brothers' nebulizer. He was really uncomfortable and had difficulty breathing, Ian and I didn't get the chance to sleep the whole night. Good thing that hubby were able to borrow a nebulizer the next day to our neighbor who has a grandson who happens to be asthmatic too. We'll definitely buy one for the little boy. We've been planning to buy him nebulizer when he was only one, but didn't pursue as we thought he wouldn't use it since he didn't get attacks for a year and is fine not until after Christmas wherein his asthma is active again.

As for the litlle girl, they had their 3rd summative tests last Monday. Next week will be their 3rd quarter exams. On January 22, will gonna be their educational field trip. This time I will be the one to accompany her ;).

here are the places to visit:

  • Lucky Me
  • Tagtytay (Animal Zoo)
  • Lunch will be at picnic groove
  • Museong Pambata (Science Centrum)
  • Star City (ride all-U-can)
I was the one whose more excited in this field trip as its been ten years ago sine I've been in tagaytay! LOL!


WW- Mango

>> 1/14/2009


Inspiring Blog Award

>> 1/10/2009

Thanks Iris for these awards! I really appreciate it ;).

Passing this on to: Em, Tet, Vannie and Rocks.


Happy Feast Day to Black Nazarene!

>> 1/09/2009


It will gonna be my 2nd time being absent from the feast day of the Black Nazarene since my 30 years of existence. 1st time was 2006, that's the time I transferred to Mandaluyong and this year 2009. But I am now wearing a maroon shirt as my pledge and devotion to the Black Nazarene. I also wonder to those who doesn't know until now our move from our house in Quiapo HERE. I am pretty sure they will be surprised as it is unexpected. Long time friends usually just dropped by there every Jan 9 only. My mom I think will be cooking some food as an offering to the black Nazarene despite the move. I am really missing this special event as it made some special memories in me, most especially during my childhood years.


1st Wordless Wednesday For 2009

>> 1/07/2009

No More Trees

I wasn't able to join in the last two entries for WW. I was too busy and in a holiday mode that's why. :( Anyway, while kids are having their afternoon playtime at our terrace I was too busy looking for something to take a snap with. I did saw this little bird on a T.V antenna. Such a pity that there are less trees nowadays wherein they can rest and stay with.


Online Medical School

>> 1/06/2009

having a sick family member led me thinking of going into a medical assistant school to expand my knowledge more into this field of science. looking over one's health requires a much needed information on taking care of our loved ones. "Health is wealth"is what we always hear every time we talk about sickness and medical condition.

I am a working mom too, and so I have to juggle my time between my family and work. Managing my time is essential so I have to be productive in multi-tasking. This doesn't keep me off to my desire of becoming a medical assistant. Good thing I have found The St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants, a medical assistant school online that makes use of innovative distance education technology and helps us provide one of the most affordable medical assistant programs available anywhere!

Their team of consulting educators, physicians, nurses and other health care provides are always available to assist you in your online studies. Becoming a medical assistant is convenient for someone as busy as me because their program will allow you to study online at your own pace and convenience. Most students complete the program in about 6-8 weeks. But can take as long as needed and there are no deadline or time limit. Meaning, there will be no cramming whatsoever. Another good point about them is that they are nationally accredited, convenient and affordable online distance education program. So check out their site to learn more.


What Keeps Us Busy During The Holidays?

Aside from attending family gatherings, parties and preparations for the holiday season (Christmas and new year), and shopping (gifts ,etc.) We were just at home and having some quality and bonding moments every afternoon. Kids were so happy that I am with them all day long. Gabby have been asking me then, " Mama wala ka bang office today?" Ako din walang pasok?"Ang saya naman!


Back to Normal...

>> 1/04/2009

Christmas and new year celebrations are over, though many of us still has the hang over of it. It's another day and another week to look forward to, on Monday, January 5 will be the resume of classes for the little girl and normal work schedule for me again. I will be missing all the free and "me" time.

This marks as my first post for 2009. Though this blog after almost 1 year of existence didn't get any chance of getting any PR, this still serves as my main blog. My other blog, My Online World now already has a PR 1, This I hope stays well for the rest of the year and more opps on it's way. LOL!

Special mention to everyone who greeted me this holiday season. I wish good health, more blessings and more money to come this 2009. LOL!


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