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Friday Fillins #161

>> 1/29/2010


1. Wouldn't it be easy if I just take things lightly instead dealing with things too seriously.
2. My life's getting better than ever!
3. I love the taste of carbonara that my DH cooks.
4. It's cluttered in the living room.
5. The first thing we're going to do is enjoy the scenery during my DD's field trip.
6. The water goes drip, drip, drip; Oh, the faucet's broken.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to as ever stay up late o catch on my online world, tomorrow my plans include a trip to my parent's place and Sunday, I want to hear mass!


Preserving Happy Memories

>> 1/28/2010

One of the most practiced tradition in our culture is having a get together for every special occasion, celebrating and cherishing every moments in our lives like birthdays, baptism, graduation, weddings and even simple dates to remember like monthsary (many do celebrate this. lol!) and anniversary. We value such memories that we do take time to document it through photos and videos. Now that we are in a very advanced stage of technology, we could really feel the ease in doing such things. Gone were the days when we have to spend too many rolls of films and negatives for the camera and those bulky video recorders that cameraman used to have. Now, everyone can own one at the very compact gadgets such as mobile phones, small video cam that can be used both for taking pictures and video shoots. Great isn't it?

But if you're having trouble trying to convert your old 8mm film to DVD, you can seek support at as they have the best quality film, video and slide transfer. You don't have to worry anymore about that old video flick go to waste anymore. their film to DVD is the most common thing service they perform, What's nice is that they aren't just centered to U.S customers but all throughout the world so you don't have to worry about the ordering and processing of transaction. You could take their special offer now as they have 35% off until February 7.

Preserving old memories is definitely the wisest thing to do if you wanted to let your younger generations be able to see how you do in the past. The memories are one of the priceless gift we could give our family. So check it out now and see how good is the quality of FILM TO DVD can do wonders in reminiscing those special memories of the past.


Manic Monday #198

>> 1/26/2010

If you could only have one section of the bookstore to visit, which section would it be?

~Pocketbooks and books section plus the kiddie books section.

If you could only subscribe to one publication for the rest of your life, what would it be?

~Id love to subscribe to those home and lifestyle publications... I oh so love reading it and fashion mags too. :)

What activity always makes you lose track of time?

~Blogging and playing on my Cafe World in FB. LOL


Friday Filllins #160

>> 1/23/2010


1. You have a chance to start all over again.
2. Do it right now!
3. There is a problem with that usb.
4. fly now and pay later.
5. It's time to get things over and done.
6. Up, up in the air but its gone.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to staying up late to update blogs and finish online tasks, tomorrow my plans include laundry and Sunday, I want to get a good masssage !



>> 1/21/2010

Laughter is the best medicine, so don't forget to take it as much as possible



On Tying the Knot

>> 1/20/2010

I recently read a shout out over at Facebook that a friend had recently broken up with her boyfriend. She immediately asked the support of us her girl friends for a meet up. She must be terribly disturbed and I really feel for her. She really wanted to tie the knot and avail one of those destination weddings at Karisma, which has the concept of the luxury all-inclusive packages for weddings. She's really bothered and has the thoughts of this " I am not really getting younger" thingy! Oh well, it's pretty understandable as she sees that most of her friends and batch mates are already towards building a family of their own. As they always say marriage isn't always a bed of roses and everything will happen in God's own perfect time. Just hang on and keep the faith G!


Artscow Coin Purse

My Artscow coin purse finally arrived yesterday! I placed my order last December 28, 2009 and it was shipped 2 days after. It took 15 days in transit. But I am so glad with the outcome as it really did match on what I have made on the designer program. No problem whatsoever though quality wise, I don't think its sturdy enough to hold many coins in it since it was kinda soft.

The girl and boy in the picture are my kids and the one in solo, my nephew Dwayne. Will give this as a gift for my sister!

From $6.99 I got 2 pieces @ $3.99 plus free shipping fee. thanks to the promo coupon! If you want to order one please do sign up HERE. Their photo books are great too. Will share the ones I made once I have place and receive my orders...


Weekend Update

>> 1/17/2010

I only wish that I can freeze the time now so I don't have to drag my self to get up early tomorow and prepare myself to start for another round of work the whole week. Our weekend was a so-so... Saturday was usually spent on household chores: laundry, cleaning, arranging, sorting things around the house. Had slept w/ kids on their afternoon nap and playtime after. Catch up on tv shows till midnight while I'm doing online tasks. We woke up late this morning and after having our breakfast, we headed to our parents place in Sampaloc and had our lunch there and we went home around late afternoon. Kids play around while I do iron our clothes. Kids and DH doze off early tonight and I'm still here catching around on my blogs. So there goes our weekend...

Gabby will be on their exam week and will be having their field trip on the 28th, the places included for visit:

  • Museong Pambata
  • Bio-Research
  • Gardenia
  • Enchanted Kingdom

I think they were able to visit the Bi-research when she was in her nursery, but it was my brother who accompanied her during that time. Oh well, I knew she will enjoy it just as her pasts field trip.


An Eye Opener

>> 1/16/2010

I just had my eye check up a couple of months go and the results prompted me to have a new pair glasses hence the increase of my eyes grade. With the way things are going and being in front of the computer for almost 20 hours, I might be surprise if it will decrease. Wearing my glasses has been almost a part of my life since I was in fifth grade. Hard as it may seem, but I was able to get used to it already, I could even have it while I'm asleep. Lol. But seriously, I am considering to undergo a Laser Eye Surgery Boston in the near future. The procedure is very easy and requires a minimal time to get back into your daily routine after. This would really save me up with the inconvenience of wearing glasses. It would seem to appear to get back into my 20/20 vision. I definitely need to start saving now for the procedure. Taking care of my eyesight should definitely be prioritized among other things, I am not getting any younger, so I must take good care of my health, and as they always say, eyes are the windows of our souls and don't want to have a blurry vision for the rest of my life or end up being blind as well. Looking around, I found out that Boston Laser is well known when it comes to Lasik procedure, their specialist have extensive experience and training, and there are people who attests about their satisfaction after they went under the procedure.

This is a sponsored post.


Friday Fillins #159-1/15/10

1. The lesson I learned yesterday was double check before you proceed so you won't end up doing it the wrong way.
2. On several occasions usually is where friends and family meet.
3. All these years, now is the only time I realized some things.
4. Everything's fine when I arrived.
5. The truth is I don't know how it happened.
6. The game is what I remember most from that day.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to catching up on my online tasks, tomorrow my plans include laundry and cleaning as ever and Sunday, I want to sleep and rest whole day. lol!


Mobile Homes

>> 1/13/2010

Goals and dreams are most oftentimes the motivation factor for the betterment of the family. Especially if you're in that first stage of your marriage, you start to build and set up some goals for the future of your kids. One thing is to build a house you could call home, one that is built out of hardships from earnings and love. But as they always say, life is not a bed roses. There are really times that no matter how yo try things just don't flow according to your will. Storms do happen, be it on the relationship and sometimes a financial crisis. In these times, we need to find other ways and means to make ends meet. We knew how costly it is to buy a new house, years of savings and hard work are sometimes not enough with many expenses on the side. We can always find other way to have it still, a mobile homes perhaps, and these are very nice and practical solution you could do. With the development of technologies nowadays, our lifestyles have indeed taken its toll. Many requires mobility as to job requirements and scouting for some mobile homes for sale is a wise decision to do. These type of home can also be design just like those traditional houses and its mobility has serve its purpose very well. These new mobile homes are pretty much affordable and more convenient if you can't afford to buy that dream house of yours yet.


Manic Monday #196

>> 1/11/2010

What is one thing you wish you could change about yourself?

~loose weight, I've been wishing this since I gave birth to my kids. lol

Do you believe everything happens for a reason?

~yes, just like I believe in soul mates.

What would be your dream job?

~ Work from home, be my own boss.


Medical Check Up

>> 1/10/2010

First week next month will be the scheduled check up with my OB. Its been six months since my last visit with her. I was diagnosed to have a PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) as seen on the Ultrasound result I submitted, I felt scared at first having the thought that it might be serious condition. But thank God that it wasn't! The OB gave me some medicines to take and a quarterly scheduled Ultrasound for me to undergo and check if the cysts and myoma is increasing in size.

The clinic where I used to go to have my Ultrasound done was under renovation. The clinic informed me that they are still in search ofUsed Ultrasound Listings so they could operate in soonest possible time. I came to know about that is a supplier of new and reconditioned used ultrasound systems & equipment, they are professionals and is known to be expert when it comes to perfect handling of buying and selling of such equipments, As we all know how costly are the prices of these equipments and with the kind of services that most of our hospitals here in our country offers are somewhat disappointing because they don't have the necessary shipment s to use. It is good to know that they could now resort with the system of buying some used ones but in a good condition under care with the company likes of and they could deliver a good medical servies already.


What Color Is My Birthday?

Want to know what's with my birthday color, will be turning a year older again next month and so sad it won't be in the calendar days already. tehee

Your Birthday is Yellow

You are the trustworthy type. You have a good heart, and you're always concerned with doing the right thing.

People turn to you during the best and the worst times of their lives.

You make responsible decisions and have a clear head. You believe in yourself.

You are a natural leader. You're fair, honest, and the one person that can always be counted on.


Healthy Lifestyle

>> 1/09/2010

Last year, my mom has been hospitalized twice and the first one was due to her Diabetes. We were all worried when the doctor told us that her blood sugar went up high which could lead to stroke. Thank goodness she was spared from it. The second one was due to a high blood pressure, it was a diabetes related thingy. The doctor advised her to live a healthy lifestyle to spare her going back and forth the hospital. I know how hard it is for a food lover like her, but we have no choice but help her go through a diet.

First thing we did was to make diet plans for her. Avoiding sweets, less salts, high fiber meals and moderate amounts of meat on her meals. She was also warned about her cholesterol level which is high too or she'll get another prescription of Cholesterol Medicine from the doctor. We were looking into some natural ways of reducing her cholesterol and did saw that is the leading provider of cholesterol medicines the natural way. Good enough as it is natural so it won't have any side effects on my moms health and will be sure enough to help her lower the cholesterol level. Cliche as it may sound, but health is wealth so we must do anything to take care of ourselves. After all, is for our own good and benefit.


Happy Fiesta Quiapo!

So sad that I wasn't able to witness this special event that has been a part of my life for such a long time. I miss the place, people I grew up with like my neighbors, friends and acquaintances who has been a part of my life in quiapo too. My childhood and teenage years there are really full of fond memories that will forever cherish. I just hope that the government will took actions about the problems that this place is facing. Also the historical places and houses should be given enough priority and hope that those will be preserved. Despite negative things associated with quiapo, no doubt that living there made me who I am today at some part.


Remodeling the Garden

Another lined up for the household project this 2010 is the remodeling of our garden area. This area of the house has been long sporting the same old look, very dull and plain. There are even times when the grasses almost grew up knee high giving its dirty look. As agreed upon and if budget permits, we will be changing the design and adding up some accessory to beautify it.

DH wanted to buy a new garden seats, a newly modernized design since the ones we have are the old looking and rustic chairs. We are also trying to find where we could buy an Adirondack Chair Cushions because the DH asked the carpenter to restore the Adirondack chair that his late handed him down few years ago. Going over the site of, I saw that they have the wide variety of choices with regards to styling your outdoor area, different nice styling solutions that you can choose from. They also have the customization system that you can try if you wanted to get that perfect style that will suit you taste. Choosing the best design for the cushion for the chair will never be hard for you will sure love all the designs they have. We can now be sure that we will have that perfect outdoor style for the project plan.


Weekend To Do's

I am still up, trying to finish some tasks that are piling up. I am the only one to blame for rushing things out. I just kept on putting it off and telling myself that I will finish it later and here is the result, the crammer that I am. I am not really good at time management. listing up a To do lists somewhat is helpful to keep track of things I need to finish soon.

As for the weekend here are they:

  • laundry
  • general cleaning
  • gabby's assignment
  • online tasks
  • update blogs
  • grocery

mostly are household chores and they are really eating out most of my time. hope I could deliver all of these in a jiffy.


Friday Fillins #158

>> 1/08/2010

I missed the entry last week since I am quite busy with the bustles of holiday. Anyway, here's for today's Fillins.

1. There are places that is worth remembering .
2. With high hopes, blow those clouds away.
3. Standing in the middle of nowhere.
4.I haven't gotten a decent sleep last night, oh boy.
5. He went out tiger hunting without any safety gadgets.
6.Can't stop my mind from wandering .
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to having bouts of caffeine overload again to finish online tasks, tomorrow my plans include laundry and cleaning and Sunday, I want to relax!


Elegant Earrings

I haven't got the chance to sort out the gifts I received last Christmas, it's not because there are plenty of them. ahaha! its just that I haven't really got the chance to spare some time for it eh. But I saw this one accessory that the boss gave me, a bracelet embellished with sapphire stones. Don't know if its real, but it's a gift so I have to be thankful instead of criticizing if it's genuine or not. hehe.

Since I will be attending a grand reunion this mid year I am in search of a nice faux sapphire earrings to pair it with the bracelet gift I received. Saw some pretty and elegant collections of it at with different types, size and shapes a wide variety of choices indeed. I must say that I found the perfect place to get a nice deal since their products are all fashionable and affordable as well.


Manic Monday On A Friday

On a Friday. lol catching up on this meme.

What did you get in trouble for the most when you were a kid?

~ My mo scolding me from too much playing outside, I even skipped meals that's why.

Which is your wish that is not yet fulfilled?

~ I'd go with my Christmas wish: A laptop, It has been on my list for a couple of years now.

If you have to choose a movie title for your life story, what would that be?

~ My Life in this Wonderful World! do I have to explain further?!


Who am I in the Family?

Oh well, this sis so true. I am a peace loving person who doesn't want too much complication.

You Are the Humanitarian One in Your Family

You have an innate sense of justice, and you are a total idealist. You are always adopting a new cause.

You don't feel complete as long as you can give back, and you do your best every day to make the world a better place.

Your altruistic ways have likely inspired your family as well. You are a good influence in many ways.

Whether you're just getting your family to recycle or donate a little more to charity, you're happy to see them doing their part too.


Specialty Knives for Men

>> 1/07/2010

My dad is a collector of junk. ahahaha just kidding! It's because he has too many collections of knick-knacks, from coins to magazines, ballpens, shirts, keychains, and even knives. Yup, he's also collecting knives. It started then when his buddy gave one during their reunion and so the passion started to grow. He even went to Batangas to get good deals on butterfly knife or also known as "balisong" and wherever he goes, he makes it a point to know if the place has some knife for collectors like him.

I am now looking for some specialty knives that I could give to my father as a gift for him on his upcoming 76th birthday and another one for my brother who's also looking for some knives as he used to own one while having a training class during his criminology days. I don't know what's in a knife that men really find it so special. Good thing that I saw this site that offers SOG Specialty Knives they give discounts for new customers and law enforcers. Their products are made of quality materials and of affordable prices, good quality service is another thing that they look into, ensuring that they could give the needs and satisfy their customers wants.


Kids in 2010

This year 2010, Gabby will be turning 6 and Nicco 4 cliche as it may sound but time really flies really fast! seems like yesterday when they were just too fragile in my arms... Now they are growing up too fast. I wish that they would always be in the best of health and good luck to me as I will be having two students this coming school year. yep, Nicco will be in his nursery by June and Gabby will be in Grade 1! We are still in search of school for Gabby, the ones we saw near the area are kinda pricey. Save, save is the key! As for Nicco, he'll be going to her Ate's school and we have already made the DP for his tuition so expenses won't pile up high.


Computer Upgrade

>> 1/06/2010

Now that the holiday is over, most of us are now back to regular schedules. If I could only wish that everyday is a holiday so I could have all the time to laze around. lol! Gifts are unwrapped, and kids got their wishes granted, mostly are their favorite toys. As for me, I still haven't got the top item on my wish list: an HP Pavillion laptop . But I am still persistent and hoping that I will be able to get one this year! ;) Not that I am complaining about our ever reliable desktop computer at home, it's actually in great condition, bought it just last year and the specs are quite enough for my needs. Haven't encountered any problems yet and I hope it will stay that way.

As a Christmas gift for myself since I am in front of the PC almost the whole day (at work and home) we bought a Logitech EX100 wireless keyboard and mouse. I could say that it's a great buy since my desk is now very organized and clutter free, no strangling cords. Neat and perfect for the OC me. ahaha! Anyway, upgrade will probably takes place by later this year.


Happy New Year!

>> 1/05/2010

5 days late I know, but as they say" better late than never" tehee. I am quite stressed out with the chores around the house. We're renovating the bathroom, putting up an access door from the bedroom and putting up the closet to another side. Clothes, things, dust, clutter are everywhere. DH told me that all will be done today but I know another round is coming up the next few weeks for the finishing and paintings. We'll be buying some stuffs for the bathroom and bedroom before weekend. Tiles for the flooring and paintings comes next. We're just hoping we won't be short with the budget as expenses are piling up for this month, need to pay Gabby's tuition fee, field trip, phone and DSL bills. But I am positive that we'll be able to pull it off! Being positive is one thing that I want to always keep in mind. May we all have an abundant blessings for the rest of the year.


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