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Another blog of mine

>> 7/31/2009

is now up and live........

hope to see you all at My Online and Offline World! please feel free to link me up and message me if you want a link exchange..

thanks a lot!


Friday Fillins #135

1. It's time for saving up, no more impulsive buying! :)

2. My parents' place; it's not a bad place for relaxation.

3. I must be in ♥!

4. Internet is the best thing I have ever known.

5. My DH is simply doing things quite well.

6. The last time I laughed really loudly was last night while playing with my kids..

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to finishing my blog templates makeover, tomorrow my plans include laundry, its endless. hee and Sunday, I want to take alot of sleep!


A Special Event

>> 7/30/2009

is coming up in a couple of months and I need to prepare for it. Since I am not really fond of attending events and gatherings, wearing clothes and dressing up for the occasion is always something new to me, feels like it is always a first time just like the feeling when you had your first JS prom. lol! Such an ill feeling always. I need to look for some discount costume jewelry that I will be wearing for that special day. There are a few nice items that I have been looking at, their jewelries are all really nice and of quality materials, perfect for my needs. There are just too many nice items to choose, from the simplest to the grandest piece. This piece catches my attention.


WW- Twins?!

>> 7/29/2009


Oh they were not! But they are cousins. Both of them are of the same age. Whenever they see each other, they play endless and are very hyper as if they didn't saw each other for quite sometime and they really enjoy each others company. Hope they stay that way till they grow up.


Going Solo

>> 7/27/2009

I am not talking about my civil status here. lol! It's all about having a vacation and rest all by myself. I am quite thinking of having a Single holiday, we all sometimes need to be alone at one point in our life. Most especially during at times when we really wanted to re-assess or reorganized our goals in life, a breather is all what we need to make things look and feel better. Being alone is a chance for you to think things over and get something that is worthy for yourself, a wise decision perhaps.

Singles holiday allows you to know and understand yourself more, you could go on soul searching or bond with nature, do everything that will help you to make a full understanding of knowing yourself within. Problem sometimes pushes us away to know who we really are, so it is very important to allot yourself the so called "me" time. Solo holidays would definitely revitalizes your energy and is very therapeutic too as it cleanses whatever excess baggage you have. allows you to enjoy being on your own as they offer Discovery Weekends, which lets you get pampered with good services and social activities that are specially made for single travelers.


Weekend Update

>> 7/26/2009

We went to my parent's place last Saturday as it is my nephews' 3rd birthday. We just ordered brownies as a gift for him, wasn't able to take some photos because I had terrible headache then. ordered this for dwayne:

Brownies from desserts plus

Nadeform lang ang icings kasi walang partitions in between nagdidikit pag naalog. lol. what's worst is that when we reached our parent's place, it looked messed up because I was carrying the box upside down. ahaha. Oh well, masarap pa din naman.

Nicco w/ Dwayne (bday boy in green shirt)

With Ate gabby

Ang makulet na magkapatid lol.


Entertainment on Cable TV

Entertainment had been through a long way with the recent development on digital technologies, gone were the days that the only way to watch your favorite movies is through the movie houses' big screen or you could watch it at television but you have to atleast wait for a couple of months or years before they air it and when it was finally aired, there are lots of cuts and too many commercials in between. It's either you lost the interest or its no longer the hottest on the entertainment era anymore. Now, there are just too many ways we could possibly do that! thanks to cable tv, online movies, cd and dvd players, etc.etc..

But among all those ways, Cable TV has been the most advantageous. Nothing can beat the comfort being at your own homes right?! watching your favorite tv programs or movies with your family and having the chance for bonding time with your loved ones. It's much pretty cheap too and you get to save not just money on your budget but energy as you don't have to travel, buy some foods while at the movie house, buying tickets. You'll cut on some expenses if you'll opt to subscribe on cable tv.

There are also bundled services available that goes along with CABLE TV, you may have high speed internet and home phone services. You also get special features, such as On Demand, music channels, family programming, sports broadcasts, movies, and more! You can get advanced products, such as a Digital Video Recorder, or DVR, that lets you watch programs on your own time. It's such an added plus points that we get to have these perks out, a one stop shop for all your needs when it comes to your entertainment needs, you don't have to look somewhere else to find that enjoyment that you really wanted and need.


Friday Fillins # 134

>> 7/24/2009

click on the image to join us

1. Problems we encounter is not the end of the world.

2. Sitting here, listening to the sound of rain falling, I want tolaze around .

3. It just tastes so good!

4. Sometimes, putting others first is not doing you any good.

5. A nature tripping is breathtaking, really.

6. Well, maybe there is still hope.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to finish online tasks, tomorrow my plans include going to my nephew's birthday celebration and Sunday, I want to relax!


My To Do's for Today

It has been a very busy week for me indeed and TGIF! here are things that I need to do for today, going out of the office to do some errands are mostly what tires me a lot, I always feel exhausted at the end of the day, good thing that I am not catching cough and colds due to going out under the heat of the sun and cool breeze of our air conditioned office.

office tasks

  • bank transactions in the morning ( pay tax, update passbook, deposit and withdrawals)
  • Purchase 16" lcd monitor
  • follow up collections
  • update receivables
  • prepare payroll


Precious Investment

>> 7/23/2009

There are too many different type of investments and it comes through bonds, stocks, mutual funds, etc.etc. but one alternative yet unique way is having a gold investment. It has been conventional yet a very effective one. Since it has been circulating ages ago its value increases as time goes by, it comes in many different forms too like gold bars and jewelries. You just have to be very extra careful when dealing with people who sells gold bars and bullion, it has been reported that there are some fake ones that are circulating, claiming that it has been the gold from a century old Chinese or Japanese treasure and would really cost you a wealth of lifetime if you buy them, only to fooled in the end that it was just plain heavy metal coated with gold on the outside. You have to deal with legitimate ones. Monex is indeed a good place to find the finest and certified gold bars.



>> 7/22/2009

as a bee! is what I am now. My hands are full that I didn't get the chance to update my blogs with some personal posts. I will try to give updates as soon as I have my free "online/ me time" lol! It's a good thing that we are all well now and my coughs that I had for a month is gone and thank goodness that it just go away naturally. The little girl is doing great especially with her school activities. Nicco on the other hand is now back to being the active boy that he is. And would just like you to know that another blog of mine will go up live soon..


Friday Fillins #133

>> 7/17/2009

1. Come on and hurry! make a quick and easy dinner.

2. My daughter's Reading book is the book I'm reading right now.

3. July brings back memories of the 1995 July 16, earthquake.

4. The damage was obvious.

5. They say if you tell your dreams go on and follow it.

6. I need to think it over.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to sleeping early, tomorrow my plans include laundry, what's new?! and Sunday, I want to go to my parents place!


On Vasectomy Reversal

>> 7/16/2009

One brave move for a man to give his full support in family planning is undergoing vasectomy which is a method of birth control. Technically speaking the vas deferens from each testicle is clamped, cut, or otherwise sealed. Though here in our country this type of birth control method is not widely used by many of us. I guess, there is a need for a push to make a thorough information campaign about this advantages for enlightenment purpose as this has some negative connotation among male partners. But for men who went through this procedure must be given an ample praise for the move since it means that they are care enough of their partner.

But there are situations wherein you cannot prevent or unavoidable so to speak, just in case the male partner changed his mind or wanted to have children again, he has the option to undergo a Vasectomy Reversal wherein a surgical procedure will be done to reconnect or restore the flow of the sperm to vas deferens. There are certain steps to take in undergoing through vasectomy reversal, and any men who underwent vasectomy is a candidate for this one. Successful pregnancies have reported many times even vasectomy takes placed years ago.

You can check out the Minnesota's Men's Health Center for some valuable information regarding this procedure, and it is said that after surgery you just have to maintain some precautionary measures that are said to be the same with other surgeries like no strenuous activities for quite sometime. You can even see testimonials of couples about how thankful they are on how successful it is on their cases. At MMHC's National Vasectomy Reversal Center, safety is a high priority VASECTOMY REVERSAL is indeed a blessing for every man who had undergone vasectomy but wanted to take second chances of being able to deliver a bundle of joy into this world.


WW- Sweet!

>> 7/15/2009

In every sense of the word that is!


Fashionable Glasses

>> 7/14/2009

is what my daughter have been bugging me to buy her. She kept on asking me if she could wear my prescription eyeglasses since she wants to look like intelligent. DH and I couldn't help but laugh out so hard! It's a great thing that I saw Zenni Optical on TV!!! and that they are still having their $ 8 Rx eyeglasses. I think I would get one for the little girl since it's pretty cheap, but with no grade of course! a High Five to Zenni Optical for having such great deals since this will surely fits our budget especially that school is opening again, expenses are just everywhere.



>> 7/11/2009

We bought our new personal ref last friday. DH is excited with this one as he doesn't have to go downstairs just to get water in the middle of the night as it is now located just beside our bed. And he could now get his insulin from our neighbors ref since he asked a favor na makilagay since the old ref gave up on us already. Kids are excited too because they thought that it was a toy. Gabby says, it was really cute and cool kasi kasing laki lang daw niya yung ref. lol!


Friday Fillins #132

>> 7/10/2009

1. The last thing I ate was Banana Cake and pineapple orange juice.

2. Personal Refrigirator is something I recently bought.

3. When it rains, it pours.

4. DH was the first person I talked to today.

5. Hugs are warming.

6. I need extra comfort.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to updating my files on pc, tomorrow my plans include reorganizing stuffs on bedroom and Sunday, I want to party, yey, my sis will host a party !


On Stock Options

>> 7/08/2009

There are still plenty of investment opportunities that you can find, just take a careful study on it and find some useful tools that you could get to be able to utilize its function and it will give you a great income in the end. Still I am taking a careful study on how stock options works. It's a good thing that power options is there to help me understand the ins and outs of it. They have been bringing together timely essential data, extensive analysis, and comprehensive option information. There are some helpful tips that they can provide you and could even talk to someone for a more personal approach on coaching about stocks trading. There is even a a 14-day free trial which is an easy guide for you to get a hang of how things works out.



for a pizza from Sbarro

Pizza Blanca (White Pizza)

Our hand-stretched pizza dough is topped with ricotta cheese sauce, mozzarella, a dash of marinated garlic and olive oil, and is then baked to crisp, golden perfection for a signature taste only Sbarro can provide.

Plus a tall shake and I will be definitely full and one satisfied hungry jack. lol!


Some Reminders

on My To Do's for today and tomorrow:

  • Review Gabby on their past lessons as tomorrow is their quiz day
  • finish pending online tasks tonight
  • prepare "bills to pay"
  • iron out Gabby's school uniform
  • Visit a friend's mom wake- this might be for the weekend
  • pay SSS, philhealth, BIR tomorrow.
  • update my list of follow up for collections.
  • Upload photos of some items for sale


Away From the Busy World

It's been quite awhile since I experienced a grand vacation, that was ages ago. lol! One factor why I am not able to spend and splurge on a great vacation was financial glitches. As we all know how hard it is to make ends meet during this economic situation we have now. But still I am not closing my doors and is dreaming of a romantic cancun vacation with DH, together with kids of course! I bet it will gonna be one of our memorable experiences as a family! Bonding moments away from hassles of the busy world here in the city would definitely be worth remembering. Checking in at great hotels and pampering ourselves with good and delicious foods, nice atmosphere is enough for us to release the stress and fatigue that we always have from working non stop. Breaking off from work and enjoying once in awhile is a healthy options to renew your strengths and refreshes your mind as well.


Barking Again!

Oh and I am coughing non stop once again. Yesterday, I was not able to bring my umbrella. DH was calling me on my mobile phone but I wasn't able to answer his call as I did not hear it ringing. He's suppose to bring me umbrella. Last night, I am back to singing tunes of coughing. It's been a month already, I need to visit a doctor and ask for a better prescription as OTC drugs is not effective for me.


Friendship Chain

Meeting friends online is really a very exciting experience. Thanks for this one Rhedge!

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1.Picturing of Life 2. Juliana’s Site 3. Hazel-My Life, My Hope, My Future.4. Jeanne-The Callalily Space5.My Family is my Life 6. The Simple Life of a Baghag 7. On A Wonderful Day Like Today 8. House Everything 9. The Creativity in Me 10. Travel and Photography 11. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow 12. You Are My Sunshine 13.Song to Remember 14. Super Blog 15. Philiippine Tv Marathon 16.Simply Blue 17. Breaking the Boundaries 18. Top Five 19. A Simple Life 20. Simple Happy Life 21. A Great Pleasure 22. Glossa~licious 23. Time Goes By 24. Sweet Nothings 25. Thoughts and Obsessions 26. Beng’s Entertainment Spree 27. Pensive Thoughts 28. Life is good and Beautiful 29. Rumination 30. My Life in this Wonderful World 31. My Online world 32. Your Blog
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Tagging all those who are in my friendly link lists!



Does not end when you graduate from school, but is considered as your weapon upon facing life's challenges. Learning also does not depend on books and theories but on first hand experiences as well. I remember before when I just graduated from college, I was eager to get a job and is very persistent in applying. But it's not as easy as I thought it was, with too many graduates that are much more qualified than I am, I felt and loose hope at first. Only if I had really taken my studies seriously I told myself. I could have made a good grades and land a more fulfilling job. Oh I guess it was never too late, I could still enroll and took up my masters. If not, opt to enroll and get an online university degree wherein I can still work and study at the same time, be able to fulfill my other future dream job as well. Learning is much more fun during this internet age! :)

This blog post is based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit


My Nicco @ 3 on Playing!

According to baby center, here's

My 3-year-old now

Some call it the perfect toy. It doesn't require batteries, you can play just about anything with it, and chances are, you already have several at your house. What is it? A ball.

Three-year-olds don't know that playing catch and kicking a ball build hand-eye coordination and work out the fine-motor and gross-motor skills that will help them as they learn to do everything from hold a pencil to ride a bike. They just know that playing with a ball is a blast.

At 3, your child can probably kick and throw overhand pretty well. Doing it with good aim is another thing. And catching is a bit harder. Most children aren't truly coordinated catchers until they're 10 years old. For now, they may be able to catch a large ball with both arms out in front of them, particularly if the adult has good aim. The next step? Catching the ball with elbows bent. But it may take another year or two to get this down pat.

Catching skills vary greatly at this age. Some kids channel Golden Glovers from the start. Others need more practice or are much more timid. Playing catch with a large, soft, squishy ball or a partly inflated beach ball is a good idea for this age group — it's easier to grab and less scary when it hits your child.

Next time you say "no" to one of your child's requests, don't be surprised if she marches into the next room and asks your partner the very same thing. In their quest to define boundaries, preschoolers get to be clever about testing all the limits. They also start doing lots of negotiating: One more big bite or one more little bite? Does a lick count as a bite? If Mom said no, might Dad say yes? (You can best avoid that last scenario by having clear, consistent family rules; even so, be prepared for a wily and persistent little negotiator to get around you on smaller matters. If it happens, point out your disapproval to your child — and your partner — and explain why.)



Having a perfect score is an achievement. This makes me a proud Mama. I know it's just a quiz, but know matter how little things our kids achieve is already a pride for us parents!


Online Medical Supplies

>> 7/07/2009

It is very stressful whenever your loved ones get sick. Most especially if it entails them to get hospitalized, we all know that being in the hospital is kinda traumatic experience for many right?! During this A(H1N1) scare that we are encountering and many people getting infected already has really made us paranoid. I myself was a victim of such paranoia. My boss even asked me to wear facial mask as I kept on coughing like a barking dog at the office. I saw him browsing the site of and overheard him talking to my other boss that he will be ordering some medical supplies like facial masks, gloves, syringes, disposable diapers and even catheter, I wonder why he'll be needing those! Oh! it is definitely not for our office medical supplies. I am pretty sure. lol!


My Kids Favorite

Wonder Pets!

is a funny and innovative Nick Jr. show for preschoolers. Each episode follows the adventures of three classroom pets--Linny the Guinea Pig, Ming-Ming Duckling, and Turtle Tuck--who travel around the globe helping to rescue animals who need their help.

Like real preschoolers, these three unlikely heroes don't have any actual super powers, but by working together they can conquer any obstacle: "What's gonna work? Teamwork!"

The show features photo-puppetry animation--an animation style created specifically for this series--which allows the animators to manipulate photos of real animals. The result is striking, memorable, and truly unique. Each episode is like a mini-opera with dialog often sung to an original score by some of Broadway's top composers. And each episode encourages teamwork, empathy, problem-solving skills, and an appreciation of music and humor.

Linny the Guinea Pig is the group’s leader. Linny is the brains of the outfit, a fearless guinea pig who will do anything to help a fellow creature in need. Linny represents the developmental age of a five-year-old, making Linny the oldest of the Wonder Pets. Linny’s favorite food is celery.

Ming-Ming Duckling is outgoing and confident. She has recently learned to fly, and she loves flying more than anything, even though she can only get about 4 or 5 feet off the ground. Ming-Ming enjoys being the center of attention. She can sometimes be overzealous, and often gets ahead of herself. Ming-Ming represents the developmental age of a three-year-old.

Turtle Tuck is a very sensitive young turtle. Tuck is the heart of the group, and he has a deep emotional connection to all living things. Tuck loves to give (and get) hugs. Developmentally, Tuck is a four-year-old. He is the least physically adroit of the Wonder Pets. He is, however, an excellent swimmer.

Source: HERE

My Kids know the song by heart and even in Tagalog version, this is aired in Channel 5 wherein you can watch the "tagalized" version. :)


Dengue: Prevention and Treatment

1) Clean up your backyard. Mosquitoes love to stay in dark and damp areas. So, if your garage is littered with boxes and assorted junks, clean them up or throw them away. Don’t let them become mosquito havens. Schedule a weekend clean-up day.

2) Empty containers with stagnant water. The dengue-carrying mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. This means that flowerpots, garbage cans, aquariums, unused swimming pools, tires, and other mud and piles are potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes. So after the rains fill them with water, throw the water away. Next time, keep these containers closed and upside down. Flower vase water should also be replaced weekly.

3) Check your surroundings for stagnant water. Some ornamental plants have this whorl or cup-like leaves that can hold water. Beautiful to behold but deadly in design. Turn them over and throw the water away. Upturned coconut shells are also notorious for holding water. Non-moving rivers, especially in squatter areas, are full of mosquito eggs.

4) Close your doors and windows. Some people open their doors in the morning for a whiff of fresh air. They also believe that mosquitoes would leave the house and go into the sunlight. But my advice is to keep your doors shut at all times. If it’s too stuffy, then place a screen door that keeps the flies and mosquitoes outside.

5) Spray insecticide regularly. To rid your house of mosquitoes, flies, and cockroaches, spray insecticides every few days. Make sure you spray those dark corners, crevices, and cabinets. You’ll be amazed at the number of vermins you’ll find dead in the morning. Just make sure that household members are not exposed to the insecticide as they are not the target. Just spray selected rooms and keep people out for at least two hours.

6) Wear pants, pajamas, long sleeves, and socks. Mosquitoes are attracted to our breath as we exhale so they know how to reach us even in the dark. And I guess they love bare, plump skin, especially that of the kids who don’t shoo them away and let them suck as much blood as they want. So better ask your school authorities to let the kids wear pants and rubber shoes. They’ll love it.

7) Put on Off lotion or use mosquito nets. If your kids are going hiking, camping or out of school, you can apply insect repellants like Off lotion. Kids like to play outdoors and are prime targets of these mosquitoes. You can wipe it on selected areas of your kid’s clothing, like the collar, sleeves, and just some on the skin. Avoid applying lotion on eyes, mouth or hands.

8) Kill those mosquitoes. When it comes to dengue, it’s either kill or be killed. Instruct everyone to kill as many mosquitoes and flies as they can. Once you’ve got them trapped in your bathroom, show no mercy. Don’t be bothered by your conscience since mosquitoes belong to the forest, not in our homes.

9) Involve the whole community. The best way to defeat dengue is if the whole barangay is aware of the threat. Ask the barangay to schedule a clean-up day. The danger is in those empty houses and lots, which are excellent breeding places for mosquitoes. Get your barangay into the act. Become a volunteer to monitor and clean up your surroundings.

10) Spread the word: Dengue fever is here. You’ll never know where dengue will strike next so better be prepared. Inform your friends, too.

Treatment for Dengue

As you probably know, there is no specific drug to kill the dengue virus. However, doctors can employ various supportive measures to strengthen the body so that it can recover from the disease. Here’s how we do it:

• Patients are encouraged to drink lots of water to keep the body’s water at an optimum level. If needed, doctors give dextrose fluid to prevent dehydration.

• Monitor blood count. Doctors check the hematocrit and platelet count regularly to see if there is a need to transfuse blood components.

• Consider giving medicines to prevent ulcer, since bleeding is a possibility.

• Encourage the patient to eat regularly, specifically soft, easily digestible foods. Patients are advised to avoid eating dark colored foods, because we need to monitor the stool’s color. (Black stool means blood for doctors.)

• Tawa Tawa might help. Locally, many are using Tawa Tawa plants to treat dengue. The Department of Health is still studying the effectiveness of this plant, and has raised concern over the possibility of toxicity with overdosage. However, doctors would usually allow patients to drink it if you ask their permission first. Here’s how to prepare Tawa Tawa: Take five whole Tawa Tawa plants. Cut off the roots, then wash and clean. Boil Tawa Tawa in a pot of clean water. Pour the liquid and then let cool. Sip one glass three to four times a day.

But remember, always consult your doctor first before undergoing any treatment. Our infectious disease specialists are still your best bet to get cured of dengue. Take care!

Source: HERE


Perfect Gift for the Little Ones

I am looking for some personalized baby gifts over the net as a friend of mine will be having a baby shower later this month. DH told me that it's too early, but I don't want to cram again just like what happened before wherein I did buy a cute little dress for my office mates' little boy. I really felt like being a melting candle when I saw her opening the gift in front of many people. And so I vowed never to cram in buying gifts again. There are just too many cute little stuffs over at the and I am getting too confused on which to choose. lol! only if I have plenty of moohla, I would definitely buy them all. I find this socks very cute and wanted this as it is definitely a safe gift just in case the baby turns out to be either boy or girl. lol!

The Perfect Little Dozen Socks

priced at only $19.99/set.



>> 7/05/2009

Finally... after being out of the loop for almost two weeks, internet and phone line have been restored... Hope Globelines Broadband will be able to deliver its promise. If not,
" Di ko ma-aabot ang mundo ko, online! "


Creative Mom Award

Thanks to sexy preggy mommy Vannie for this award. Really appreciate this one! ^-^

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  • Take your award and put the logo on your post.
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Passing this to this fabulous mommies: Shimumsy, Ems, Eds, Cee, Jhona


Friday Fillins #131

>> 7/03/2009

1. When I heard the news I really felt bad.

2. Laughter is the best medicine.

3. It's late, but I need to finish some tasks

4. Be kind always.

5. My eyes have seen everything.

6. Face the challenges strongly.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to updating my blogs, hope DSL connection will be restored today, tomorrow my plans include a trip to the mall and canvass for a personal ref as we badly need one and Sunday, I want to visit my parents place!


WW- Book Lovers!

>> 7/01/2009

(Click on the pic. to enlarge)


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