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Dream House

>> 6/29/2009

Everyone dreams of owning one. Nothing beats the feeling of being on your Home sweet home! I know that we are far of attaining the said goal as of this time. with so many expenses and other payables we have, all we could do is dream on... But we're not loosing hope, we doesn't know what's in store for us in the future, things changed that we are almost caught up by surprise with radical changes happenings. I still do look up to some Real Property Management that will help us pick up and decide on which house and lot is suitable for us.


Friday Fillins # 130

>> 6/26/2009

1. She had a great appetite always, that's my little girl.

2. GOD is by my side, always.

3. I know this: Michael Jackson's death will be up on news for quite sometime!

4. Steady still.

5. These words apply to me: I believe I can do it.

6. TGIF! the sun was shining.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to updating my blogs, tomorrow my plans include laundry, as ever. and Sunday, I want to relax!


A Host That Never Fails

>> 6/24/2009

It's been quite sometime now since my plans of relaunching my new blog. But having two blogs is giving me enough reasons to put off my plans as of the moment. With I and the kids getting sick, updating my blogs is of the least priorities now. I envy some friends who has their all time having seven to eight blogs and each and everyone is up to date with different interesting facts to share to their readers. Another thing why I am putting of the relaunch is that my internet provider is acting up every so often that leaves me pissed off with the kind of the services that they are giving me. One day connection is ok, the next day is such a hell day for me whenever I connect. A dial up is much more faster I swear! Next thing, the phone line is the one acting up. O h how can I blog with such kind of connection right?!

I am also looking into blog hosting issue. I have been reading different reviews and other concerns on whether to consider a webhosting or just rely on those free platforms. Oh well, issues on bandwidths and disk space are more often the most talked about thingy whenever one has decided to go and get one. I have found a great article regarding the matter HERE. webhostinggeeks is the place to go if you wanted to know more about hosting issues.


Picture Perfect!


I Need Rest

>> 6/22/2009

Yes. I too have been sick with colds and coughs for days now, the boss did gave me a facial mask awhile ago while at work, he might be bothered with my coughing like a dog. I can't blame them as h1n1 is now really getting everywhere. Oh well, I just hope I really get well fast... I will be absent tomorrow to take my very much needed rest...


Saturday 9: Never Say Never Again

>> 6/21/2009

I know I am late again posting this. but got so busy yesterday. :)

1. Do you like James Bond films? If yes, what’s your favorite? Not really.

2. Are you daring enough to go snorkeling in the water fountain at the mall? ahaha. NO!

3. Do you sometimes hate everything and everyone around you? There are times. yes!

4. Do you secretly or openly believe the world revolves around you? openly

5. Would you rather buy a moped or a Harley Davidson? A Harley Davidson

6. Do you water ski or ice ski? None of the above. lol!

7. Tell us about the last time that you tailgated. Never did! :)

8. What was the last concert that you attended? Local Band concert, ages ago! lol.

9. What’s the most exotic food that you’ve ate? chicken feet. hee.


Stylish Jewelry

>> 6/19/2009

I am not used to wearing too many accessories whenever I go out, with two kids in a tow there is no time for me to even have a retouch of makeup, that is if I am lucky enough to put on some before going to somewhere else with the kids. lol! But I do really love wearing jewelry. Oh well, I guess every woman do right?! For me, I prefer wearing a few as I don't want to look as if I am a pawnshop queen. lol! A simple and elegant piece that is not too loud is what I want, as I live by the rule of simplicity is beauty. I love the classic styles of jewelry as I find it sophisticated and classy. It is just like wine that it becomes so great as time passes by. I found a lot lot of them at and I'm drooling over these as my faves. Hope I can buy them in the near future.


Friday Fillins #129

1. All children alarm their parents, if only because you are forever expecting them to be dependent on you.

2. Show me a good loser and I will show you a good winner.

3. eating a whole cake is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs at one time.

4. Too bad that all the people who know how to run the country are busy doing things to stay on their position and are trying their best to keep the power by becoming a PM.tsk tsk.

5. I have yet to hear a man ask for advice on how to combine love and fidelity.

6. It is impossible to think of any good meal, no matter how plain or elegant, without spices or flavorings in it.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to taking care of my sick son, tomorrow my plans include laundry! again! and Sunday, I want to havev a god rest!


H1N1 Virus Scare in the House

>> 6/18/2009

First it was the little girl who got fever last Monday, but she turns out well the next day. Thank God. Now it was the little boy who is sick, he got fever since last Wednesday and also have cough and colds. His fever goes up and down until this morning, he was given an antibiotics and good thing that his fever did not came back till now. But he did vomited which I think came from too much coughing. I hope everything turns out well tomorrow. I myself even has colds and cough too, and just this morning I am experiencing sore throat and ended up having a harsh voice. Oh Goodness the H1N1 is giving me the nuts... with all the same symptoms that we are experiencing leaves me having the paranoia of being infected already. Hope turns out well... soon...


WW- It's Raining Colors

>> 6/17/2009


First Day High!

>> 6/16/2009

Yesterday was the first day of school of my little Gabby, Having a slight fever did not prevent her from going to school. Good thing that after she took paracetamol at 5:30 a.m. Her fever went down and she was already in good condition and ready at 6:45 a.m. Nobody can't stop her from going to school. She was one excited kinder Senior...


Bio-Identical Progesterone Cream

>> 6/14/2009

As a woman, there are many changes going on in our body as we age. From the time we have our first period up to the stage of experiencing the menopausal stage. In between these stages, there are many factors that affect our body and we go through pms, hormonal imbalance and menopause symptoms in which we try to find ways and means on how to deal with it.

There are many products out in the market that many of us has tried already, but are not effective and healthy for our body. Oasis Serene progesterone cream is a scientifically formulated transdermal bio-identical progesterone cream used to help with the symptoms of peri-menopause, PMS, menopause and hormonal imbalance. This is toxin free and natural, so we can be sure of its effectiveness and safety to our health unlike other products that are too harsh and gives a long term effect. natural progesterone cream consist of natural ingredients such as wellness water, Vegetable stearic acid, sweet Almond oil, Vegetable glycerine, Aloe Vera and USP progesterone, Rosemary essential oil,. It has also Vitamins A, B-Complex, C, D & E which which are very essential for our body to perform well. With these pure organic ingredients, we would feel confident that it will give a very positive outcome to relieve the hormonal imbalance we are experiencing. with no other side effects such as allergies and others that we often get with drugs containing harsh ingredients, this eco-friendly cream is definitely a wonder for us women.


Room Makeover

We were planning on having a room makeover in two weeks time. Kids are now growing quickly and we need some changes as far as room furniture is concern, the four of us could no longer fit in our queen sized bed. DH and I would get a doze of slaps from them once in awhile as they are too active even while at sleep. lol! I am looking for a nice Baby Bedding for my 2 kids. Glad I found Baby Bedding Palace as they are on sale on all baby bedding sets. These were nice themes that I think really fits for each one.

Materials used are made of 100% high quality natural cotton materials that will not irritate your baby's skin, which is very helpful for them to have a good night sleep every time. Products are also eco-friendly which is very good as we could be in support with our mother nature. A set includes :
  • 1 Baby Crib Quilt
  • 4 piece Baby Crib Bumper
  • 1 Baby Crib Fitted Sheet
  • 1 Baby Crib Skirt (Dust Ruffle)
  • 2 extra wide Window Valances
  • 1 Diaper Stacker
  • 1 Toy Organizer
  • 1 Decorative Pillow
They accept payment through paypal, so I need to get ready my paypal funds for these one. :)


Saturday 9: Games People Play

>> 6/13/2009

1. What was your favorite active game as a child? Running around until we get tired!

2. What was your favorite board game as a child? Scrabble!

3. Tell us about a friend you played these games with in your youth. They are my childhood friends in which we still get in touch every now and then up to now!

4. What is your favorite card game? Solitaire, That's he only one I know. lol!

5. What board games do you enjoy now? Still scrabble!

6. Do you play video games? Which ones? Nope, not into it!

7. Tell us about the friends you play games with now. I only play with my kids now. ahaha

8. Do you play any sports now? No longer active in sports, but Badminton's my favorite!

9. What’s your favorite sport to watch? Basketball and Volleyball!



>> 6/12/2009

It is really indeed a great Friday since its a holiday today and it means rest day for many and a long weekend since we don't have work on Saturdays. hee. I just need to maximize all the time I have for today so as not to spoil things I have to do for the rest of the day. Need to finish some household chores such as cleaning, laundry and sorting and organizing things here in our bedroom so that I could rest in the afternoon and take a nap to have enough energy for tonight as I need to finish some online tasks.


Friday Fillins #128

1. I grew up thinking to do what is good and right.

2.Flickr was the last website I was at before coming here.

3. Why don't you keep your mouth shut?

4. Massage helps me relax.

5. Thanks for the heads up.

6. Rude manner is very off-putting.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to clearing up pending tasks, tomorrow my plans include room makeover and Sunday, I want to relax and laze around!


Hidden Wealth

My Dad has lots of stuff over his cabinet, mom would always complain and ask him to throw things that are too old and smelly already. Being sentimental that he is, he just couldn't gave in to moms' request, but he did make some cleaning and we helped him go over those vintage things in his closet. We were so surprised to see a medium box full of old coins from the old era, he told us that it was given to him by his mom, Dad is now 77 years old. Imagine how old and rare these coins are?! He even told us that these are certified coins, there are few paper bills from different countries as well, neatly kept and posted in an album. He told us that these things are definitely one of his most prized possession. I was googling for some information over the net and found out that it is indeed a good investment to deal with. But as for now, Dad has decided to keep it to further increase its value.


WW- Learn!

>> 6/10/2009


10 Favorite Things to do during "ME" time

>> 6/09/2009

  1. Shopping! tehee.
  2. Pamper myself in spa
  3. Trip to the Salon for a makeover
  4. Manicure and pedicure
  5. Surf the net
  6. long hours in the bathroom
  7. Read a book
  8. DVD Marathon
  9. Hangout with friends
  10. Eating out favorite food in the restaurant


School Year 2009-2010

>> 6/08/2009

Is just around the corner... Little girl is pretty excited already though their classes will start on June 16. I am done covering her books with plastic covers. Notebooks will be given on the first day. She will be Kinder Senior this time, there is an added subject to their curriculum which is the Sibika at Kultura.


Saturday 9: It's My Party

>> 6/06/2009

1. Do you prefer to host or be a guest at a party? A guest! cause I' m not a good host

2. Would you rather go to a large party or a small dinner party? Small dinner with close friends or relatives I now.

3. What is you worst flaw? I am not a good host and I hate crowded places

4. What is you best character trait? I am easy to deal with

5. What habit in others annoys you? gate crashers!

6. What qualities in others do you admire? humble ones

7. If you could change something about yourself, what would it be? to become thin

8. Do you tend to be shy with strangers? There are times

9. Do you prefer to lead or follow in a group of people? I could lead but I prefer to follow! :)


Friday Fillins #127

>> 6/05/2009


1. feels good to be home.

2. My favorite thing for dinner lately has been anything with hot soup

3. Doggie! bark! bark! bark!

4. A nice long walk will help release tensions we have.

5. Break some good news.

6. When all is said and done, there's no way we can undo it.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to sleep early, tomorrow my plans include fixing daughter's school things and Sunday, I want to hear mass


Paintball Gear

>> 6/04/2009

Paintball games have been such a craze among guys nowadays though gals could also play this sport too. I saw how it works as it was featured in one of the morning shows on a local channel, It caught DH's attention as he would to love to try this out. He even called up some friends and told them about it. As expected, they are on schedule by next week for a game or two with another bunch of male friends as their opponents. All's set except for the paintball gun package that they need to avail to fully enjoy the fun and exciting sport. Need to check out as they are known for having the complete sets of paintball gears and heard that items are at lower prices. This will definitely be a good site for and would be paintball enthusiasts.


My Life's Boring

Oh well, I could really that it it true at this time. especially at work. Need to re-assess my goals and have to come up with a wise decision if I will resign and find a new work.

You Live a Boring Life

You aren't necessarily a boring person, but you've fallen into living a pretty boring life.

Somehow you've gotten yourself stuck in a rut, and life just isn't that interesting anymore.

You need to start acting and stop thinking so much. Just go for it, and don't let yourself come up with excuses.

The only way to make life less boring is to start living it. Let go of your hang ups. Go out and have an adventure!


My To Do's for Today

I was really wet yesterday, no thanks to the rain when it poured hard as I was walking my way through the bank nearby the office. Flow of water immediately went in my way. Such an icky feeling for my feet. I will just wear slippers today and will be in my jeans as according to weather forecast that weather today will be the same as yesterday. I need to accomplish these today:

  • Bank transactions
  • update lists of follow up of collections
  • prepare SSS, Philhealth, BIR forms for payment
  • open up my personal savings acct. at BPI Family Savings Bank


Gifts for Baby

Hubby will be a attending a christening this weekend, he will be one of the Godparents of the child. I need to buy baby gifts later this afternoon. But DH forgot to tell me the gender of the baby. OH well, there's no problem with it since I found and saw lots of baby gifts that are for unisex. They even offer some discounts since some items are on sale. You could even received some offers when you sign up. I really find these cutie and will definitely suit whatever the gender of the baby is.

Oh how I miss having a baby :) My kids are fast growing and are really very loud and active. I saw some items that are really lovely and will definitely buy those for my kiddos.


My Top Ten Droppers fo June 2009

>> 6/03/2009

Thanks for continuously taking time drooping by at my site. I really appreciate it!

Droppers #of Drops


Moments of My Life 7

Holidays and More... 7

Sweet Nothings 7

From My Kitchen and Beyond 5


Upgrade Your Life! 4

Wirez and Circuitz 4

A Simple Life 3


Wednesday Happy Thoughts

1. Kids sweet gesture
2. Hubby's patience today (I am not in the mood-PMS eh. lol)
3. Accomplishing some of the plans
4. Very light mood and work at the office
5. Fair increase on online tasks :)
6. Favorable turns on plans
7. My ecotools brushes' status have been shipped already. yey!
8. Cold weather, thank God summer sweat is over. lol
9. Gabby's expenses on school will be cleared out .
10. Long hours of sleep this week.

To know how this started and credits of the header, click here.

Thanks for this one Mich. will be joining here every week! :)


Learning Stock Options Trading

Being a business graduate, I remember during my college years when we have discussed every so often on our major subjects the value of investment. There are different types of investment such as bonds, forex, mutual funds, stocks, etc. etc.. I find it really boring to listen and understand what my professor is talking about since they all are book based and theories, Oh well you know how student life is then right? Later have I found out the importance of it all. Now that we, both the husband and I are dead serious of securing our family's future, I am now studying and understanding how the stock options trading works, as I need to get a good deal out of it and I am still in need of tools and information about it, its a good thing that power options is on a 14 day trial for me to avail so that I will be well guided on how things work out in trade options.


WW- Coins and Wishes!


10 Celebrities You're Tired Of!

>> 6/02/2009

This is entry is for the last week's question, too late I know! But, better late than never..

So Sick and Tired of hearing this names over the Philippine news.................. :(

  1. Hayden Kho
  2. Vicki Belo
  3. Katrina Halili
  4. Maricar Reyes
  5. Lolit Solis
  6. Bong Revilla
  7. Eric Chua
  8. Adel Tamano
  9. Atty. Capunan
  10. Mrs. Kho


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