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>> 4/29/2009


An Effective Tool For Your Business

>> 4/28/2009

For every business, it is essential for you to take into consideration things that would benefit and give your products a boost. There is now a liquid scenario, which is a program that is mainly all about Seeing Into the Future of IPOs that allows any user to get insights and interactivity that would otherwise cost $30,000 to $120,000 in a matter of minutes, simply by opening a licensed file. The user can then change assumptions, change time and watch all of the outcomes change, or customize the presentation to their particular project or venture.

This kind of software helps you saves a lot of time, it increase productivity and create competitive advantage for venture capitalists and venture-backed companies. click install, activate a license and then use “Back” and “Forward” buttons. This information allows the user to see deeper into an IPO or other transaction in ways even the IPO Company’s investment bankers or founding investors couldn’t do without spending tens of thousands of dollars. This means that you can get a first hand financial information at a very little time and yet in very professional way. Downloading the software is a breeze and no complex installation process.
You could check out their site for a more detailed information.


Happy 5th Birthday Gabby!

>> 4/27/2009

This little girl who used to be fragile and helpless, depends all her needs on us her parents, but we were happy to obliged and take part in every milestones that she accomplish as she grows, not that you are five, we were so thankful and blessed to have you as our daughter and a big sister to Nicco! We love you so much....

Daddy, Mama & Nicco


What Room Of The House Are You?

>> 4/26/2009

You Are the Bathroom

Overall, you are a healthy person. You enjoy taking care of yourself.

You are also quite attractive. Looking your best makes you feel your best.

You are conscientious and detailed oriented. You stay on top of things.

You are very honest and open. Privacy is not something you need a lot of.


Womens Best Friend

Jewelries are essential for some women, I remember my college friend who use to accessorize herself a lot with different types of fashion jewelry. She would sport simple ones one day, and grand ones the next. Others tease her that she should avoid wearing those jewelries for she might end up being kidnapped. lol! But come to think of it, jewelries makes woman stunningly beautiful wearing elegant ones, it makes the beauty of woman glow. It is also considered as a great investment, for the value of jewelry increases as time goes. Some do even consider collecting precious jewelries as their hobby. They find happiness and a sense of fulfillment in it.


Little Girl No More

Gabby will be turning 5 on Monday (April 27), time flies so fast that it just seems like yesterday as I held her in my arms, so fragile and delicate. Now that she's turning 5, all things seems that she knows everything and doesn't depend on me much. A year more and she will be grade 1 already. We are glad that she turns out to be a very charming and wonderful kid, we couldn't ask for more.

She even chose this one as we ask her to choose her birthday gift, when we went to the mall this afternoon. A Dora the Explorer slipper sandals with heels! So kikay isn't it?! feeling dalaga na talaga.


Vacation Mode

>> 4/25/2009

Summer is a season wherein everyone is thinking of having a grand vacation getaway. Everybody gets so excited whenever they got one, be it with their family, friends or co-workers. Who wouldn't right?! for it is the best time to have some bonding moments with each other, a tie that binds and lets each one get to know more others or deepen a relationship between each one. The camaraderie built at the moment is the foundation of how each one deals with each other in the future. Family vacation is such an important occasion in every chapter of ones family. The moments during the entire vacation is a priceless thing to deal with. If we could only avail the All inclusive family vacation Mexico, therefore our vacation would definitely be a one of a kind experience to share with this time.


A kiNd of Friend That I am

You Are A Good Friend

You're always willing to listen to your friends.

And you're the first to lend a shoulder to cry on.

You're there through thick and thin. You won't stop being friends with someone when times are tough.

In fact, you're such a good friend that many people consider you their "best friend"!


Friday Fillins # 121

>> 4/24/2009

1. Apparently there's some sort of commotion going on outside the office.

2. Today is a bright sunny day.

3. 2009 is a good year to us so far.

4. Its plain and simple! that was it.

5. For too long I've been wishing and hoping to have a laptop. LOL.

6. I am not obsessed with having a laptop; I am not! LOL!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to finishing online tasks, tomorrow my plans include trip to the mall and Sunday, I want to finish my artscow photobook!


5 Facts About Me!

Rhedge tagged me along here. Thanks sis!


1. Post these rules on your blog.
2. Share 5 facts about yourself.
3. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their name as well as links to their blogs.
4. Link the person who tagged you.
5. Leave a comment for each blogger.

Here it is:
  • My day wont be complete without drinking coffee! I am such a coffee addict. :)
  • I work on my left hand but do write on right hand, My mom kept on spanking my left hand when I started to learn writing.
  • I am such an OC person.
  • I love spaghetti, that I can eat it almost everyday. LOL!
  • I can't leave without my glasses. I would be blind without it. nyahaha.
Now I am tagging: Khaye, Shimumsy, Sharque, Mich and Eds.


A Perfect Host

>> 4/23/2009

This blog of mine has been in this blogosphere for more than a year already and I think that I should be getting my own domain for it. I didn't thought that blogging would now became a part of my life already, not to mention that it really did help me by earning from it through paid blogging. Since having its own domain is beneficial in many ways most especially that it had earned enough traffic and created a little space in the web.

Next in line would be website hosting. I am looking for reliable ones who could live to their promise of better services. web hosting geeks have been the place to look for. Since they have this top ten best web hosts that from independent reviewers, meaning it will be easy for you to minimize time and lists of best choices and one of them is on my top list already. They offer many beneficial services for those in need of a web host. The very important factor I consider is an uptime guarantee. Downtime really creates a bad impression, most especially if you have many readers and followers. You can also find many articles informative and beneficial like tips of how to avoid common web hosting traps. You can visit their to get a first hand info and read some testimonials of other ones who have gained better experiences from them.


Sharing Your Fave Video

You can now easily find your favorite videos over at emTain - Your Multimedia Find Engine and share it with your friends. They have made it convenient for you as to compile all your faves into your play lists and you can organized everything . Searching over videos is not easy and downloading it really eats out a lot of time, therefore all is made up easy and convenient for you to do it altogether at emTain. They have search videos over different providers but only in a single platform, so all you have to do is save it to your play lists and organize it. So check it out now and go and get yourself a hang of it.


WW- Cool Pets!

>> 4/22/2009


My EDM Sample kit

>> 4/21/2009

I placed my order last April 1, it did reached the postal office last April 17 and got the parcel noticed last Monday (April 20) . So it took exactly 20 days to arrive from the day I placed my order. Shipping was through USPS First Class International. Shipping and handling fee is $5.30.

Free Sample Makeup Kit


~Warm-Medium Beige Summer
~Warm Sandy Medium
~Golden Medium Deep

Blush: Wake Up Call

Concealer: Intensive Tan

I also ordered a Flat Top Brush for only $10.00

I only paid $15.30 thru Paypal. That is around P750.00 on our money. So cheap yet so satisfied with this set. :)


Finding Your Date

If only I am single and available, I would definitely join in the fun at miami singles. But for those who are still single, this place is for you. Who knows, you might find your long lost soulmate there. Start creating your profile now and and enjoy your search. We've heard lots of love stories that started to blossom over those online dating sites, So it's possible we'll be hearing yours too in the near future. :)


A Boost on Your Internet Connection

>> 4/20/2009

Technology have gone too far that some times I couldn't cope up with the fast pace going on around it. When I was a kid, my friends and I wonder how people are able to talk to each other through phone. Of course that seems a magic to innocent ones right?! With the growing technology then, we even thought that one day people using phone would even not just hear voices from another line but will be able to see them virtually. That is exactly happening nowadays indeed and is getting better more each day!

Thanks to the breakthrough of the internet wherein things are not as hard as before. Simple research of assignments then would take days before you could answer them all since you have to make a research on tons of books, but now everything is just a click away. You can even save up your precious time. All you got to have now is a fast and reliable internet provider that would never let you down. Hughes Net gives you the ultimate internet where a dsl and dial up cannot offer, a satellite internet!

Hughesnet has many good points worth giving a shot, knowing that they give you all the benefits that you need since having a slow internet connection is definitely a no-no. Some internet providers do keep on making promises of giving this and that high speed level but to no avail. HUGHES NET is far different, you can see for yourself and visit their site to prove it yourself. :)


Ready For Pick-up!

My Everday Mineral Make Up sample kit and flat brush that is! I asked hubby to pick it up tomorrow since I wont be able to due to work schedule. Will post the EM make up by tomorrow night.


Alarm System for your Home Safety

>> 4/18/2009

Nearly three years ago, I still vividly remember one rainy evening my husband woke me up and whispers to me that he saw this fishing rod coming from our window and was trying to hook hubby's cellphone that was on top of our study table at least 3 meters away from the window. We immediately rise from our bed and ran upstairs to wake up other members of the family. My knees were shaking then from fear, I could not believe that we were invaded by those perpetrators. Good thing that nobody was hurt and they were not able to get anything from us.

Learning from this horrible experience, home security system was the very first thing that came to our minds as we do not want to happen this again. It is better to be safe than sorry. GE home security system offers a wide variety of different tools and equipments necessary for you home security. GE alarm system will make you feel confident as their gadgets are very credible enough to use. Another good point that GE home security has to offer is its competitive pricing, having this kind of system will make you think of the high cost that you will incur but with them you can be sure of thw quality products they offer at a very affordable cost.


Friday Fillins #120

>> 4/17/2009

1. Join me in the fun!

2. Put a little sunshine in your day!

3. Happiness is an overwhelming feeling.

4. I am so sleepy and confused, I wasn't able to have a good night sleep last night.

5. I'm waiting for my everyday mineral makeup loots to arrive since last week.

6. Shopping is hard to resist.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to finishing all my online tasks, tomorrow my plans include laundrying clothes and Sunday, I want to rest the whole day and hear mass too!


Blogger Trophy Award

>> 4/12/2009

This is from Khaye. nice to meet you here in blogosphere sis!

passing this on to Cee, Tet, Nancy, Vannie, Vina and Rocks.


Still a Wise Investment

>> 4/11/2009

Despite having an economic crisis, it is still a wise decision to invest our money for a more secure future of our family. There are different ways and means of investments that we could choose from. One of the most conventional form of investment is through buying gold bullion. It may seem so old fashioned but imagine how much it would cost you in return. these has been most widely used since our ancient times. There are now some fake ones that circulates along through some very doubtful people who will came to offer you for a very low price, so its better to take extra precautions in dealing with such type of people. If you want to be sure and get the authentic ones you could check out monex to see different types of gold bullion's in which you could choose from for you investment.


The Holy Week that Was

Tomorrow will gonna be Easter Sunday and everything will be back to normal again next week. If only I could freeze the time. LOL! though I did really feel a good break from office work since were off the whole holy week. What have I done the whole week

Holy Monday- Just stayed home and did some long overdue cleaning and organizing of stuffs in our bedroom.

Holy Tuesday- stayed home and had bonding time.

Holy Wednesday- stay home still, did some online stuffs such as uploading of photos, updating of blogs, online tasks.

Holy Thursday- off to a Visita Iglesia HERE. stayed at our parents place.

Good Friday- Our Kuya came together with his whole family, had a small gathering at my parents place.

Black Saturday- Went to our Kuya's place and went to Robinsons Pioneer as it was on regular business operation on a black Saturday.


WW- Summer Heat!

>> 4/08/2009

The greatest way to beat the summer heat!
~photo taken last March 21,2009


To Move Again

>> 4/07/2009

It was seven months ago since I mentioned here our move from our house in Quiapo where I grew up. It was not an easy decision to make since there are so many things that we have to reconsider before my mom decided to finally move out. Moving out from one place to another is not an easy thing most especially if it was a spur of the moment decision. I clearly remembered how very disorganized we are at that time. Packing and sorting of things itself was hard enough since it really takes time to finish doing those stuffs. It was a very stressful experience at that time. And I could not bear to experience the same thing all over again this time. I need to find a very dependable Moving Company this time, and will not add up to our stress with our move second time around this time. I have looked upon different moving company and humboldt stands out among the rest of them, with their being on the industry for quite sometime now, from the top level of people in their company to the lowest level among their employees giving and promising a good service to render is quite a satisfaction enough.


Swimming Galore

>> 4/03/2009

The day after Gabby's graduation. Got a text message from my niece Lalen, asking if when are we going to set up our inflatable pool as they wanted to come over and have some sort of a swimming party. Ian immediately set it up the next day, and as expected kids are so excited and patiently waited for about 3 hours to fill this inflatable pool.

With cousins Gino (standing) and Gio(sitting)

Nicco just walks around the pool and play.

They don't want to get out of the pool

Cousin Dwayne


FridayFillins #118

1. Angel or not, I will be your guardian who will protect you always.

2. tell me and I'll do any way you want me.

3. As my mother used to say, you're full of energy.

4. I relax a bit after I'm done working out or doing something strenuous.

5. Even in the most crowded of rooms you stand out among the rest.

6. July 1990 (Earthquake) is a day fraught with peril.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to finish online tasks, tomorrow my plans include setting up a new site for my online biz and Sunday, I want to relax!


SpitzTunes -- I am a Boy!

Have you heard the song of Beyonce If I were a boy?! join in this conversations about music!


Shifting Career

>> 4/02/2009

I must admit that my work is not related to the course I took up. I guess it goes the same way to others like my friend who took up Architecture but end up being in sales after he graduated, He is now working as a call center agent which is still way too far from his course. But we all know how hard it is to find a job nowadays, so we have no choice but to grab whatever opportunities comes our way first. Another friend of mine who has a degree in Business Administration has taken courses in becoming a Medical Assistant in one of those Medical Assistant Schools. He told me that there are opportunities abroad that he wants to grab that is why he's eager to shift career for the sake of being able to give his family a brighter future. St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants is offering courses online which is very convenient for some who have other things to attend to but still wants to study as well. There is an increase in the needs of the health care industry and you can take advantage by becoming a medical assistant.


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