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For Football Fanatics

>> 9/12/2009

I remember my childhood years with my friends when we used to play different kinds of games till we drop dead tired. Those were the times where active playing got the kids as computers and internet games were not yet introduced yet, Of course this was the most healthy way to exercise and help kids to become more interactive with their playmates. We always play football games every afternoon and our play area would be the large street near our house. Oh those were the days! and its such a delight reminiscing childhood years. Now that we are all grown up, we still catch up on each other once in awhile and our dear friend J who develop his passion for football and who used to play at San Beda since his elementary days were definitely updated with the Miami Dolphins Tickets that I saw on the web and I was right as I buzz him over at YM to ask if he already got one and told me with a big yes. LOL. I should have known...


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